Domain 1: Development and Characteristics of Learners

Children whose behaviors deviate from society's standars for normal behavior are identified as having...
Why have the terms "emotional disturbance"and "behavioral disorder" become interchangeable?
Because some behavior problems are openlyexpressed and others are inwardly directed and not very obvious
4 requirements in IDEA definition of EBD
1. persist over time
2. are intense
3. impair a child's ability to function in society
4. adversely affect a child's educational performance
For a label of EBD, what must NOT be the cause?
behavior that results from a temporarily stressful situation or other factors.
5 characteristics required for a label of EBD
1. inability to learn that is not caused by intellectual, sensory or health factors.
2. inability to maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships
3. inappropriate behaviors
4. general pervasive mood of unhapiness/depression
5. physical symptoms of fears associated with personal or school problems
What mental health condition may qualify an individual for an EBD label?
What condition does not qualify for an EBD label when it exists on its own?
Social maladjustment
What publication is used to classify mental disorders?
Define: DSM-IV
a multiaxial classification system consisting of dimensions (axes) coded along with psychiatric diagnosis
What is Axis I?
Principal psychiatric disorders
What is 1 example of an Axis 1 disorder?
overanxious disorder
What is Axis 2?
developmental problems
What is 1 example of an Axis 2 disorder?
developmental reading disorder
What is Axis 3?
Physical Disorders
What is 1 example of an Axis 3 disorder?
What is Axis IV?
Psychosocial stressors
What is 1 example of an Axis IV disorder?
What is Axis V?
Rating of the highest level of adaptive functioning
What are 2 examples of ratings from Axis v?
1. intellectual
2. social
What is the rating scale in Axis V called?
Global Assessment Functioning (GAF)
What is another way to classify behavioral disorders? (General)
via the form in which behavioral disorders manifest themselves.
Give 1 example of how EBD can be classified based on how the behaviors manifest themselves:
1. Externalizing vs. Internalizing behaviors
Defined: Externalizing behaviors
Aggressive Behaviors expressed outwardly toward others
defined: Internalizing Behaviors
withdrawing behaviors that are directed inward to oneself
List 4 well-known instruments to assess children's behavior
1. Walker Problem Identification Checklist
2.Burk's Behavioral Rating Scales
3. Devereux Behavior Rating Scale (adolescent)
4. Revised Behavior Problem Checklist
What is a way to categorize EBD based on characteristic of the disability?
Categories based on degrees of severity
What are the subcategories used when EBD is categorized by degree of severity?
mild, moderate, severe
What are 2 reasons that it is important to identify the degree of severity of an EBD?
1. it will affect the type and degree of interventions and services required by the student with an EBD?
2. important to consider when determining the LRE and the services required to achieve FAPE
What 5 developmental areas should be considered when assessing and planning for the developmental needs of individuals with disabilities?
1. speech and language
2. find and gross motor skills
3. cognitive abilities
4. emotional development
5. social skills
define: language
the means whereby people communicate their thoughts, make requests, and respond to others
define: communication competence
the interaction of cognitive competence, social knowledge, and language competence
what areas of communication and language and development may be affected when a child has a communication problem?
any of the areas of social competence
Who was the first to describe language as a function of developmental stages rather than age?
What formula for langauge development did Brown develop?
total number of morphenes per 100 utterances=mean length of untterance (total morphemes/100=MLU)
What are the names of the 5 stages of MLU and language development?
1. L
2. LI
3. LII
4. IV
5. V
What is the developmental features of MLU stage L?
14 basic morphemes
What is the developmental features of MLU stage LI?
Beginning of pronoun use, auxiliary verbs
What is the developmental features of MLU stage LII?
Language forms approximate adult forms; beginning of questions and negative statements
What is the developmental features of MLU stage IV?
use of complex (embedded) sentences
What is the developmental features of MLU stage V?
use of compound sentences
What are the 5 components of language?
1. phonology
2. morphology
3. syntax
4. semantics
5. pragmatics
Define: morphemes
the smallest unit of language that convey meaning or function
Define: phonology
the system or rules about sounds and sound combinations for a language
Define: free morphemes
units that can stand alone as root wods
Define: bound morphemes
morphological units that do not stand alone and convey or alter meaning when attached to other morphemes
what is the smallest unit of sound that combines with other sounds to make words?
Do most phonemes have meaning when they stand alone?
3 manifestations of problems related to phonemes:
1. developmental delays in acquiring consonants
2. reception problems like misinterpreting words because a different consonant was substituted
3. difficulty learning the sound-symbol code
What is the "sound-symbol" code?
Give 1 example of a free morpheme?
What are 2 types of words that are bound morphemes?
1. pre-fixes
2. suffixes