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  1. - Prevented the British from splitting New England from the rest of the colonies.
    - As a result Gen. Burgoyne and his army surrendered to the Americans.
    - Proved to France that America could win the war.
    - British offered Americans home rule within the British Empire.
  2. - Ended the Revolutionary War, granted the colonies independence, and gave them territory from Canada's southern border to Florida's northern border.
    - Britain hoped to split the US from its French allies by granting the nation's wishes.
  3. -The colonies' final offer of peace to King George.
    -Agreed to be loyal to King George if the government would address their wishes (repeal the Coercive Acts and end taxation without representation).
    -This petition was rejected once Britain heard about Breed's Hill.

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  1. Appointment of Washington- British Gen. Cornwallis waited in Yorktown for supplies and replacements.
    - American Gen. Washington attacked Cornwallis and his troops by land while French Admiral De Grasse blocked their escape by sea.
    - Forced Britain to begin negotiating peace with America.


  2. Declaration of Independence-The framework of the new government adopted in 1781.
    -The new government was very weak and had trouble receiving respect from foreign governments.
    -Under the Articles, the US was able to end the war and negotiate peace.


  3. Second Continental Congress- Appointed commander of the Continental Army because for his leadership skills.
    - A symbol of the colonists' fight for independence.