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  1. Whats the term that describves any reaction that does not require any oxygen
  2. another name for vitamin d3 and is required for normal bone function
  3. protein components that must be taken in as part of the diet
  4. Whats the removal of a nitrogen group from an amino acid
  5. whats the amount of energy needed to accomplish necessary cell functions at rest
  1. a calcium ferol
  2. b basil rate
  3. c essential
  4. d deamination
  5. e anaerobic

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  1. evaporation
  2. poly
  3. vitamin k
  4. catabolism
  5. nonessential

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  1. the change that occurs in blood vessels of skin if too much heat is being lost from the bodyvitamin a


  2. the characterisitic element in hemoglobin the oxygen carrying compund in the bloodessential


  3. awhats an organic product of gluclose catabolism that can be cmpletly oxidized within the mitochondriavitamins


  4. the vitamin that prevenmts dry scaly skin and night blindnessfolaic


  5. Whats the conventiaon nutrition guidfleines suggest that daily caloric intake?60% carbs 25% fat 15% protein