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  1. a vitmin involved in the synthesis of blood clotting factos that can be synthesized by colonic bacteria
  2. Whats the conventiaon nutrition guidfleines suggest that daily caloric intake?
  3. Whats the term that describves any reaction that does not require any oxygen
  4. whats the amount of energy needed to accomplish necessary cell functions at rest
  5. fats that are articially saturated to prevent rancidity
  1. a 60% carbs 25% fat 15% protein
  2. b trans fatty acids
  3. c vitamin k
  4. d anaerobic
  5. e basil rate

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  1. calcium ferol
  2. anabolism
  3. antioxidents
  4. poly
  5. constriction

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  1. the transfer of heat to the surround airconduction


  2. an organic substance produced when a muscle is generating energy in the absence of oxygennonessential


  3. a response in the superficial blood vessel that incereses heat loss37


  4. Whats the removal of a nitrogen group from an amino acidcatabolism


  5. the mineral component of thyroid hormonesidoine


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