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  1. the characterisitic element in hemoglobin the oxygen carrying compund in the blood
  2. a mineral that promotes carbon dioxide transport and energy metabolism
  3. whats fats that are usually of animal orgin and are solid at room tempurature
  4. inorganic elements needed for proper ntrition
  5. whats the brain region involved in temurature regulation is the
  1. a iron
  2. b zinc
  3. c minerals
  4. d hypothalamus
  5. e saturated fats

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  1. anabolism
  2. catabolism
  3. essential
  4. glycogen
  5. pyruvic acid

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  1. whats the first anaerobic phase of cellular respirationglycogen


  2. a vitmin involved in the synthesis of blood clotting factos that can be synthesized by colonic bacteriavitamin k


  3. the mineral component of thyroid hormonesconduction


  4. fats that are articially saturated to prevent ranciditytrans fatty acids


  5. a class of substances that stabilizes free radicalsantioxidents


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