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  1. another name for vitamin d3 and is required for normal bone function
  2. a mineral important in blood clotting and muscle contraction
  3. the vitmain needed to prvent anemia digestive disorders
  4. the transfer of heat to the surround air
  5. a normla body temperature measured by the celsius scale
  1. a conduction
  2. b folaic
  3. c calcium
  4. d calcium ferol
  5. e 37

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  1. idoine
  2. antioxidents
  3. vitamins
  4. vitamin a
  5. minerals

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  1. whats the brain region involved in temurature regulation is theglycolsis


  2. Whats the removal of a nitrogen group from an amino acidcatabolism


  3. awhats an organic product of gluclose catabolism that can be cmpletly oxidized within the mitochondriavitamins


  4. whats fats that are usually of animal orgin and are solid at room tempuraturesaturated fats


  5. whats the storage form of gluclosecatabolism