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  1. whats the first anaerobic phase of cellular respiration
  2. Whats the conventiaon nutrition guidfleines suggest that daily caloric intake?
  3. the vitamin that prevenmts dry scaly skin and night blindness
  4. a vitmin involved in the synthesis of blood clotting factos that can be synthesized by colonic bacteria
  5. fats that are articially saturated to prevent rancidity
  1. a vitamin k
  2. b trans fatty acids
  3. c vitamin a
  4. d glycolsis
  5. e 60% carbs 25% fat 15% protein

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  1. deamination
  2. saturated fats
  3. vitamins
  4. idoine
  5. hypothalamus

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  1. a mineral important in blood clotting and muscle contractioncalcium


  2. the characterisitic element in hemoglobin the oxygen carrying compund in the bloodessential


  3. an organic substance produced when a muscle is generating energy in the absence of oxygenzinc


  4. protein building blocks that can be manufactured by the bodyessential


  5. geat loss resultingfrom the conservation of a liquid suchh as perspiration to a vaporglycolsis