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  1. a mineral that promotes carbon dioxide transport and energy metabolism
  2. a normla body temperature measured by the celsius scale
  3. the vitmain needed to prvent anemia digestive disorders
  4. an organic substance produced when a muscle is generating energy in the absence of oxygen
  5. the mineral component of thyroid hormones
  1. a zinc
  2. b idoine
  3. c 37
  4. d lactic acid
  5. e folaic

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  1. glycogen
  2. deamination
  3. hypothalamus
  4. calcium ferol
  5. anabolism

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  1. the change that occurs in blood vessels of skin if too much heat is being lost from the bodyconstriction


  2. a vitmin involved in the synthesis of blood clotting factos that can be synthesized by colonic bacteriacalcium


  3. protein components that must be taken in as part of the dietnonessential


  4. geat loss resultingfrom the conservation of a liquid suchh as perspiration to a vaporglycolsis


  5. protein building blocks that can be manufactured by the bodyessential