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  1. whats the brain region involved in temurature regulation is the
  2. another name for vitamin d3 and is required for normal bone function
  3. fats that are articially saturated to prevent rancidity
  4. Whats the term that describves any reaction that does not require any oxygen
  5. a mineral important in blood clotting and muscle contraction
  1. a anaerobic
  2. b hypothalamus
  3. c trans fatty acids
  4. d calcium
  5. e calcium ferol

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  1. iron
  2. essential
  3. vitamin k
  4. 37
  5. minerals

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  1. a mineral that promotes carbon dioxide transport and energy metabolismzinc


  2. complex organic molecules that are essential for metabolismvitamins


  3. whats the metabolic building of simple comounds into substance needed by cellscatabolism


  4. whats fats that are usually of animal orgin and are solid at room tempuraturedeamination


  5. whats the amount of energy needed to accomplish necessary cell functions at restbasil rate