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the way in which each sentence relates to the topic sentence


the ways in which each sentence relates to the other sentences in the paragraph

Following a natural sentence order, repeated key words and use of pronouns, and linking words

the three ways of coherence are....?

Addition, Contrast, Examples, Comparison, Results, Emphasis, Conclude

the seven linking word categories are...?

Narrative Paragraph

tells a real or an imaginary story

Chronological Order

(time order) events are arranged in the order in which they happened

Descriptive Paragraph

creates a vivid picture in words of a person, an object, or a scene

Spatial Order

details are arranged according to their location; transitions make clear the spatial relationships among details

Persuasive Paragraph

states an opinion and uses facts, examples, and reasons to convince readers

Order of Importance

supporting evidence is arranged in the order of LEAST TO MOST (or most to least) important. Transitions show the relationships between ideas.


a composition that presents and develops one main idea in three or more paragraphs


a group of related sentences that present and develop one main idea

Expository Paragraph

paragraph that explains or informs

Topic Sentence

states the main idea of the paragraph

Supporting Sentences

these explain the topic sentence by giving specific details, facts, examples, or reasons

Concise Sentences

you do these to express your meaning in as few words as possible

Adequate Development

by using specific details and information you are achieving what?

Limiting the Subject

the subject is covered adequately in one paragraph


they suit the main idea(s) of your paragraph and explain the subject clearly

Specific Details

these details bring our description to life, making it seem as if you are there and can see the object, person, place (etc.)

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