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dīvitae, dīvitārum F

riches, wealth

factum, factī N

deed, act, achievement

signum, signī N

sign, signal, indication

ipse, ipsa, ipsum

myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, etc, the very, the actual

quisque, quidque

each one, each person, each thing


himself, herself, itself, themselves

doctus, docta, doctum

taught, learned, skilled

fortūnātus, fortūnāta, fortūnātum

lucky, fortunate, happy

suus, sua, suum

his own, her own, its own, their own

ante + acc

before (in place or time), in front of,


before, previously

per + acc

through, by (with reflexive pronoun), (as a prefix) through, through and through = throughly, completely, very


at that time, once, formerly, in the future

alō, alere, aluī, altum

to nourish, support, sustain, increase, cherish

dīligō, dīligere, dīlēxī, dīlēctum

to esteem, love

iungō, iungere, iūnxī, iūnctum

to join

stō, stāre, stetī, statum

to stand, stand still or firm

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