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  1. A diaphragmatic hernia is also known as a(n):
  2. The physician repairs a large laceration of the diaphragm that occurred during a car accident from the seat belt the patient was wearing through a transabdominal approach.
  3. Laparoscopic splenectomy
  4. This bone marrow is taken from a close relative, so there is a genetic similarity.
  5. Imbrication
  1. a Overlapping
  2. b 39501
  3. c Allogenic
  4. d 38120
  5. e Esophageal hiatal hernia

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  1. Cutting into the mediastinum
  2. Autologenic
  3. Method and location
  4. 38221
  5. Radical

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  1. Mediastinum codes are identified by which factor?Surgical approach


  2. The _____ manufactures the most blood cellsBone marrow


  3. The physician performs a complete axillary lymphadenectomy.38745


  4. The upper jagular group of lymph nodes are located in the groinFalse


  5. The diaphragm is a wall of muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavitiesTrue