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  1. Biopsy of a lymph node by fine needle aspiration without image guidance
  2. The diaphragm is a wall of muscle that separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities
  3. This type of lymphadenectomy is the removal of the lymph nodes,glands, surrounding tissues:
  4. The physician performs an extensive drainage of a lymph node abcess
  5. A diaphragmatic hernia is also known as a(n):
  1. a Esophageal hiatal hernia
  2. b 38305
  3. c 10021
  4. d True
  5. e Radical

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  1. Cutting into the mediastinum
  2. True
  3. Bone marrow
  4. 39501
  5. Inflammation of lymph nodes

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  1. the stem cell harvesting in 38205 is the collection of stem cells from the bone marrowFalse


  2. The physician performs a complete axillary lymphadenectomy.38745


  3. The mediastinum is located between the lungsTrue


  4. The spleen is composed of this material that also surrounds veins and arteries38305


  5. What word describes a lymphadenectomy in which only the lymph nodes are removed?Radical