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North America in the Atlantic World, 1650-1720

Vocab for Ch. 3 of A People and A Nation 9th Ed. Norton
Absolute or dictatorial rule.
Bacon's Rebellion
Uprising that resulted from many conflicts, among them mounting land shortage and settlers' desires for Indian lands.
Beaver Wars
Series of conflicts between the Hurons (and other Indians) and Iroquois in a quest for pelts.
city upon a hill
John Winthrop's vision of the Puritan settlement in New England as a model for the world.
King Philip's War
Major war between Indians and New England settlers.
Middle Passage
The brutal and often fatal journey of slaves from Africa to America.
Leader of the Pueblo Revolt against the Spanish in 1680.
Members of a religious sect that embraced egalitarianism and rejected traditional religious hierarchies. They believed that the Holy Spirit or the "inner light" could inspire every soul.
task system
Each slave had a daily or weekly quota of tasks to complete.
the Pueblo Revolt of 1680
The most successful Indian uprising in American history. Pueblo Indians rebelled against Spanish authority and drove the Spanish from their New Mexico settlements.
The Tuscarora War
War in the Carolinas from 1711 through 1713 that pitted Tuscarora Indians against colonists and their Indian allies.
William Penn
The proprietor of the last unallocated tract of American territory at the king's disposal, which would become Pennsylvania.