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  1. costoclavicular ligament
  2. iliolumbar ligaments
  3. Radial Collateral of the elbow
  4. coracoclavicular ligaments
  5. Collateral Ligaments of the Phalanges
  1. a medial and leateral tendons between each joint of phalanges
  2. b first rib --> costal tubercle
  3. c (2) coracoid process --> clavicle
  4. d 2 ligaments
    Transverse process --> L5
  5. e lateral epicondyle --> proximal margin of annular ligament; no actual radial bone attachment

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  1. acromial ligament --> acromion process
  2. (ligament of the head of the femur) attached to the fovea on the head of the femur and the transverse acetabular ligament
  3. distal surface of radius --> styloid process of ulna; anterior and posterior sets; allows for the swinging of the radius around the ulna.
  4. Base of sacrum --> ilium; anterior and posterior
  5. sternal extremity (clavicle) --> manubrium

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  1. transverse acetabular ligamentcompletes the acetabular rim


  2. anterior sacroiliacbony margins of the sacral ala --> ilium


  3. coracoacromial ligament(scapula-scapula) coracoid process --> acromion process


  4. sacrotuberous ligamentIschial tuberosity --> lateral sacrum; single ligament; Helps to form the great and lesser sciatic foramen.


  5. sacrospinous ligamentIschial spine --> inside of lateral, anterior of sacrospine; helps to form the greater and lesser sciatic foramen


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