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12 terms

MTC Nur 101 Enemas

artificial opening that permits feces from the colon to exit through the stoma
passage of dry hard stools
emptying of the large intestine also called a bowel movement
passage of excessively liquid, nonformed stool
introduction of a solution in to the large intestine
fecal impaction
prolonged retention or an accumulation of fecal material that forms a hardened mass in teh rectum
intestinal gas
abnormally distended veins in the anal area
artificial opening created to allow liquid fecal content from the ileum to be eliminated through a stoma
surgically formed opening from the inside of an organ to the outside
Enema procedure
placed 18 inches above the pt, insert 3-4 inches and angle to the navel, unclamp hose and let solution move slowly for 5-10 minutes while holding the tube in place. clamp tubing and remove tubing. have pt retain enema until they have to go badly. dispose equipment while waiting, help pt to bathroom
common enema solutions pg 664
tap water (hypotonic) 500-100ml effect time 15 minutes

normal saline isotonic 500-1000ml, 15 mins,

soap 500-1000 ml, 10-15 min, irritation or damage

hyperotnic 70-130 ml 5-10 min sodium retention

oil 150-200ml, lubricates 30 min