WH Unit 1 Test (2015)

Here are the flashcards for the WH Unit 1 Test
What river is at A?
What civilization is located at the River G?
What civilization is located at River F?
What civilization is located at River A?
Letters B & C represent what civilization?
The Huang He River is what letter?
What city-state is at letter E?
Which letter is the Indus River?
1. Advanced cities 2. Advanced technology 3. Complex Institutions 4. Record keeping 5. specialized workers
What are the 5 characteristics of complex civilizations?
Record keeping
Cuneiform, hieroglyphics and Sanskrit are all examples of what characteristic of complex civilizations?
Because the land was fertile due to flooding
Why did early civilizations begin around rivers?
China and Egypt
What two civilizations were isolated for thousands of years due to geography?
What civilization began around the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers?
First to have a real form of writing
Why is Mesopotamia often considered to be the first civilization?
The name of the writing in Mesopotamia
Neolithic Revolution
The time when humans moved from hunting and gathering to farming was called the _________________.
Growth in population
What was the biggest result of the Neolithic Revolution?
development of agriculture
What caused human beings to settle into permanent settlement?
types of writing
What is cuneiform, hieroglyphics and Sanskrit?
During the Neolithic Revolution, people began to devlop different skills and jobs. What is this called?
The process of taming and raising animals for work, food or pets is known as _____________________________.
Belief in many gods
Define: Polytheism
All writing first started out as ______________________.
the symbols also stood for sounds
What made cuneiform true writing?
Oracle bones
The writing of ancient China was found on _______________________.
Cultural diffusion
The movement of ideas and products from one civilization to another is called ______________________.
The Royal Road is most closely related to what civilization?
one of the first laws to be written down
What was Hammurabi's code?
Hammurabi is most closely related to what civilization?
Persian Empire
Which empire was the largest during this time?
Mandate of Heaven
In China, it was beleived that certain families ruled with the permission of the gods. When the gods grew tired of the family, a new family would take over. This was called the ________________________________.
Which early civilization was not isolated and experienced a rapid rise and fall of empires?
The taking of wolves and taming them and breeding different types of dogs is an example of _________________________.
Ancient egyptian hieroglyphics; the form of writing in Ancient Egypt.
What is this image and where could it be found?
Oracle bone, found in Ancient China
What is this image and where could it be found?
Ziggurat in Mesopotamia
What is this image and where could it have been found?
What are the characteristics of a classical civilization?
-Lasting legacy that influences future cultures
-Society reaches a high level of cultural achievement that spreads to other cultures
-Society leaves behind a strong legacy for the future
What were the features of the geography of Ancient Greece?
-Peninsulas and islands
-Rocky land/mountains
-Easy access to the sea
What was the importance of the geography of Ancient Greece?
-Development of city-states
-Lack of unity
-Strong Athenian Navy
-Strong trading economy
What were some of Greece's lasting contributions to government/political system of today?
-Introduced the concept of democracy

-Introduced the concept of citizenship
What was Alexander the Great's greatest achievement?
-Spread of Greek culture throughout his empire (blend known as Hellenistic culture)
What were the major effects of the Peloponnesian War?
-It severely weakened Greece allowing for invasion
Identify the characteristics of the Greek city-state, Sparta.
-Strong army
-Offered more equal status to women
-Put less of a value on education and philosophy
Identify the characteristics of the Greek city-state, Athens.
-Highly valued art and architecture
-Emphasis on government
What were some of Rome's lasting contributions to today?
-Three branches of government
-Laws created to protect rights
-Use of arches & vaults in Roman buildings
-Spread of Latin
-Creation of roads
What was the significance of the Twelve Tables?
Written law code that provided more rights and protection to all citizens
What is a republic?
Form of government where the power is in the hands of the people who vote to pick their leaders
How did Constantine change the course of Roman history?
-By becoming Christian and making Christianity legal throughout Rome
How did the Han Dynasty rule their empire so effectively?
-The Silk Road connected all parts of the empire
-The use of a bureaucracy and centralized government
-The Mandate of Heaven justified the emperor's political power
Why was the Silk Road trade network so important to China?
-It provided contact with other cultures and goods through trade
What were some of Han China's lasting contributions to today?
-Development of inventions and agricultural tools, such as paper, silk, and collar harnesses
-Made conquered people adapt into one common Chinese culture

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