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  1. what is the significance of Christ instituting communion during Passover?
  2. Historical Books
  3. how do we know that Jesus rose from the dead?
  4. number of NT books in Protestant Bible
  5. parts of Christian OT
  1. a Josh, Judges, Ruth, Sam, Kings, Chronicles, Esther, Ezra-Nehemiah
  2. b His sacrifice is similar to the sacrifice that the Jews made (He is the sacrificial lamb for us in the same the Jews sacrificed lambs during the Jewish Passover)
  3. c Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom or Poetry, Prophets
  4. d eyewitnesses who told his story of ascension ; oral tradition ; possibly the Shroud of Turin
  5. e 27

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  1. -was given more than the first half of his life
    -family and friends came around him to console him for his troubles
    -many livestock
    -7 sons, 3 beautiful daughters
    -lived 140 more years
  2. rise in movement of Hasidim-opposed to Maccabean militarism ; much zeal toward Torah, oral law, and interpretation of scribes
  3. Simon (later Peter), Andrew, James, John, Philip, Thomas, Matthew (Levi), James (son of Alpheus), Thaddeus (Judas), Simon, Judas Iscariot (later hung himself)
    -disciples chose Matthias to take his place but Jesus chose Paul (aka Saul)
  4. feast that celebrates lights and the rededication of Jewish Temple
  5. 40 days

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  1. number of NT books in Roman Catholic Bible27


  2. audience in which Matthew wrote toGentiles


  3. materials used to create manuscriptspapyrus, reed pen, parchment, vellum, leather, sometimes copper


  4. Deuterocanonical"second list" ; books whose inclusion in canon of Scripture is debated


  5. sections in the TaNaKTorah, Nebi'im, Kethubim


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