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  1. John the Baptist's importance
  2. sections in the TaNaK
  3. Historical Books
  4. number of NT books in Protestant Bible
  5. Romans
  1. a Torah, Nebi'im, Kethubim
  2. b baptized Jesus in Jordan (climax of minis) ; proclaimed HIM as Messiah to Israel ; prepared the way for Jesus
  3. c 27
  4. d ruled Palestine at the time of the birth of Christ
  5. e Josh, Judges, Ruth, Sam, Kings, Chronicles, Esther, Ezra-Nehemiah

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  1. feast that celebrates lights and the rededication of Jewish Temple
  2. prophets of the TaNaK
  3. oral tradition because people trusted more things that were spoken than written
  4. earliest manuscripts were written on this
  5. Gentiles

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  1. Alexander the Greatspread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin


  2. year that the Jews finally closed their canonlight shone from Heaven ; Holy Spirit descended as a dove


  3. Torahtried to kill Christ child


  4. canontried to kill Christ child


  5. translated Bible in Germanspread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin