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  1. manuscript
  2. audience in which Matthew wrote to
  3. Alexander the Great
  4. number of days Jesus appeared to people after resurrection
  5. year that the Jews finally closed their canon
  1. a 150-200 AD (well after Christianity was on its way)
  2. b spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin
  3. c 40 days
  4. d handmade copy of a book of the Bible
  5. e Jews

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  1. Vernacular
  2. when Lord went back into Heaven
  3. unwritten sayings of the Lord
  4. 1st 5 books ; from Abraham (around 1800 BC) thru Moses (1250 BC)
  5. His sacrifice is similar to the sacrifice that the Jews made (He is the sacrificial lamb for us in the same the Jews sacrificed lambs during the Jewish Passover)

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  1. place of the Phariseesspread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin


  2. 12 ApostlesSimon (later Peter), Andrew, James, John, Philip, Thomas, Matthew (Levi), James (son of Alpheus), Thaddeus (Judas), Simon, Judas Iscariot (later hung himself)
    -disciples chose Matthias to take his place but Jesus chose Paul (aka Saul)


  3. miracles performed by Jesusspread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin


  4. number of NT books in Roman Catholic Bible27


  5. which was more reliable, oral tradition or written?oral tradition because people trusted more things that were spoken than written