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  1. Kethubim
  2. ascension
  3. papyrus
  4. why is the dating info given in Luke's gospel so important?
  5. materials used to create manuscripts
  1. a papyrus, reed pen, parchment, vellum, leather, sometimes copper
  2. b when Lord went back into Heaven
  3. c earliest manuscripts were written on this
  4. d it established a historical setting for Christianity
  5. e writings of the TaNaK

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  1. oral tradition because people trusted more things that were spoken than written
  2. eyewitnesses who told his story of ascension ; oral tradition ; possibly the Shroud of Turin
  3. 1st 5 books ; from Abraham (around 1800 BC) thru Moses (1250 BC)
  4. baptized Jesus in Jordan (climax of minis) ; proclaimed HIM as Messiah to Israel ; prepared the way for Jesus
  5. earliest OT manuscripts we HAD available to us only dated back to around 1000 we had copies that dated from 1st cent AD back to 250 BC

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  1. PentateuchGreek translation of OT ; oldest translated book ; dated back to 250 BC


  2. Samaritansruled Palestine at the time of the birth of Christ


  3. sections in the TaNaKspread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin


  4. Nebuchadnezzarconquered Jerusalem and led Jews into captivity into Babylon


  5. HellenismGreek ideas and practices that flourished in Northern Palestine ; introduced by Alexander the Great