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  1. Septuagint
  2. Judas Maccabeus
  3. Torah
  4. why is the dating info given in Luke's gospel so important?
  5. audience in which Luke wrote to
  1. a 1st 5 books ; from Abraham (around 1800 BC) thru Moses (1250 BC)
  2. b Jewish leader that drove the Greeks out of Palestine
  3. c Gentiles
  4. d Greek translation of OT ; oldest translated book ; dated back to 250 BC
  5. e it established a historical setting for Christianity

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  1. baptized Jesus in Jordan (climax of minis) ; proclaimed HIM as Messiah to Israel ; prepared the way for Jesus
  2. Greek for "books"
  3. tried to kill Christ child
  4. keepers of the law ; descendants of Levi, Ephraim, and Manasseh
  5. when Lord went back into Heaven

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  1. Deuterocanonical"second list" ; books whose inclusion in canon of Scripture is debated


  2. number of days Jesus appeared to people after resurrection40 days


  3. place of the Phariseesspread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean basin


  4. what is the significance of Christ instituting communion during Passover?in line of David ; 28 generation descendants


  5. agraphaunwritten sayings of the Lord