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  1. Romans
  2. agrapha
  3. whats the relationship b/w Jesus and David
  4. audience in which Matthew wrote to
  5. importance of Dead Sea Scrolls
  1. a Jews
  2. b unwritten sayings of the Lord
  3. c earliest OT manuscripts we HAD available to us only dated back to around 1000 we had copies that dated from 1st cent AD back to 250 BC
  4. d in line of David ; 28 generation descendants
  5. e ruled Palestine at the time of the birth of Christ

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  1. tried to kill Christ child
  2. Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom or Poetry, Prophets
  3. Greek ideas and practices that flourished in Northern Palestine ; introduced by Alexander the Great
  4. papyrus, reed pen, parchment, vellum, leather, sometimes copper
  5. His sacrifice is similar to the sacrifice that the Jews made (He is the sacrificial lamb for us in the same the Jews sacrificed lambs during the Jewish Passover)

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  1. Judas MaccabeusJewish leader that drove the Greeks out of Palestine


  2. how does God bless the end of Job's life?-was given more than the first half of his life
    -family and friends came around him to console him for his troubles
    -many livestock
    -7 sons, 3 beautiful daughters
    -lived 140 more years


  3. Samaritansruled Palestine at the time of the birth of Christ


  4. Hanukkahfeast that celebrates lights and the rededication of Jewish Temple


  5. audience in which Luke wrote toJews