Which definition refers to the study of how an organ functions?
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Small structures inside the cell that perform various cellular activities are the???The gelatinous supporting material of a cell is the????The function of the mitochondria is to make?ATPWhat organelles functions in protein synthesis>??!?The rough ER is covered with?RibosomesSperm used _____ for movement?Flagella________ are small hair-like extensions that produce movement across the surface of cells?CiliaProteins do not pass thru plasma membranes because they are ________ in size?SimilarThe movement of H2O across a plasma membrane is called?OsmosisProcess of programmed cell death due to problems in the cell cycle is called?Apoptosis (cell suicide)Specialized columnar cells that secrete mucus onto the surfaces of the tissue are?Pseudo-stratified columnar epitheliumWhat is the most common type of cartilage?Hyaline cartilageWhat type of cartilage makes up the intervertebral disks?FibrocartilageCardiac muscle is ______ in appearance?Striated, InvoluntarySkeletal muscle is _______ in appearance?Striated, VoluntaryA neuron is a ______ cell?NerveWhich type of neuroglia forms the myelin sheath around nerves outside the brain and spinal cord?OligodendrocytesWhat membranes protect the brain and spinal cord?MeningesA cancer that travels to invade healthy tissue is said to?MetatasizeThe epidermis and dermis make up the layers of the _____?SkinWhat happens to cells when they move from the epidermis to the surface of the skin?They die, and shed from the surfaceWhat is responsible for skin color?MelaninThe inability to produce the pigment melanin is called?AlbinismKeratin is the ______ _______ of the skin?water - proofingWhat is the most dangerous form of skin cancer?Malignant melanomaWhat is the most common type of skin cancer?Basal cell carcinomaExplain the difference between 1st degree and 3rd degree burns. Which one would possibly require skin grafting?1st degree = Epidermis, 1 Layer, Redness 2nd degree = Epidermis/Dermis/Maybe more, full-thickness, all 3 layers, can be black and needs a skin graft.The end of a long bone is the?EpiphysisThe shaft of a long bone is the?DiaphysisThe medullary cavity contains?Bone marrowWhat structure is the site of bone growth in length?Growth plate (epiphyseal plate)A condition in which bones lose bone mass and therefore become weak is?OsteoporosisWhat are the structures that are air-filled spaces of skull bones?SinusWhich bones form the upper jaw?Maxillary boneWhich is the only movable bone of the skull?Mandible boneWhich bone has no articulation with any other bone?Hyoid boneList the number of vertebra in each section of the spine?Cervical=7, Thoracic=12, Lumbar=5, Sacral=5, Coccyx=4An abnormal lateral curvature of the spine is called?ScoliosisThe first cervical vertebra that "holds up the head" is the?AtlasThe tailbone is called the?CoccyxHow many pairs of ribs are found in the human body?12 pairs (2 sets each), 24 totalAnother name for the collarbone is the?ClavicleThe bone of the upper arm is the?HumerusWhat is another name for the wrist?CarpelHow many true ribs are there?7The socket on the pelvic bone that articulates with the head of the femur is the?AcetabulumThe longest and strongest bone in the body is the?FemurThe largest of the ankle bones that forms the heel is the?CalcaneusWhat type of synovial joint movement will decrease the angle between bones?FlexionPointing the toes (or standing on tip-toes) is an example of which motion?Dorsal FlexionHow could you differentiate between the skeletons of a tall adolescent and a short adult? (assume the skeletons are the same size)Whether the growth plates are closed or notHow would you determine if skeletal remains are female or male?The skull size and pelvic sizeWhich types of muscle tissue is striated?Skeletal musclesWhich types of muscle tissue is involuntary?Cardiac musclesWhen muscles are not used, they shrink or ______?DystrophyThe muscle that does most of the work for a particular movement is called the?AgonistThe ________ muscle is used for chewing?MasseterList the rotator cuff muscles?Supraspinatus, Intraspinatus, Teres minor, SubcapularisThe _____ muscle FLEXES your elbow?Biceps brachiiThe _____ muscles EXTENDS the elbow?Triceps brachiiThe _______ muscle EXTENDS your thigh?QuadricepsThe _______ muscle FLEXES your knee?SartoriusThe central nervous system includes which two major structures?Brain & Spinal CordWhich part of a neuron carries impulse away from the cell body?AxonWithin the peripheral nervous system, the myelin sheath is formed by the _______ cells?SchwannWhen a nerve is at its resting potential, the inside charge is ______?NegativeThe "jumping" of an action potential from one node of Ranvier to the next node is called ________ conduction?SaltatoryWhat is the name of the category of chemicals that flow across the synaptic cleft?ACH (neurotransmitter)The protective membranes around the brain and spinal cord are the _____?MeningesThe tough outer meninx is the?Dura materThe space between the arachniod and pia maters that is filled with cerebrospinal fluid is the?Subarachniod spaceCerebrospinal fluid is produced by ________ cells?EpendymalThe spinal cord begins at the ______ ______ of the occipital bone and ends at _______ of the lumbar spine?????? ?????The posterior root of a spinal nerve contains ______ fibers, while the anterior root contains fibers?Posterior=Sensory (ascending) fibers Anterior=Motor (descending) fibersWhat is the white matter structure that connects the two cerebral hemispheres?Corpus CallosumThe primary visual area is located in the ____ lobe?Occipital lobeWhich part of the brain serves to coordinate skeletal muscle moment?Fontal lobeWhich part of the brain has centers for the control of breathing, heart rate, and vasoconstriction?Medulla oblongataThere are ____ pairs of Cranial Nerves and ____ pairs of Spinal Nerves?12 & 31Which of the following C.N.'s is the only one to leave the head and neck area?VagusNorepinephrine is a neurotransmitter used by the ________ nervous system preparing you for "fight or flight?"AutonomicPropriocepters are involved in the "sense of...?""...knowing your body movements in space"Nociceptors "sense...?""...pain"What type of receptor responds to changes in temperature?ThermoreceptorWhich cranial nerve can cause intense face pain? This pain has been described as one of the worst discomforts known to humankind?Trigeminal neuralgiaThe feeling of pain on the body surface that has its origin in an internal organ is called?Referred painPhotoreceptors are located in the _____ of the eye?RetinaThe lens is held in place by the ______ body?CiliaryThe anterior compartment of the eye is filled with a fluid called the?Aqueous Humor