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Mandatory Access Control


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Biba Model is Write Up, Read Down (T/F)
BLP Model is Read Up, Write Down (T/F)
Tranquility Principle
Principle in the BLP model that states that classification of a subject or object does not change during a session
* - property
Property that states that one should not write down to a lower security classification so as to avoid writing higher security information to be read by those with lower clearance.
The "Common Criteria for Information Technology and Security Evaluation" are ISO standards for specifying security requirements and defining evaluation criteria. (T/F)
Complete Mediation
Every access to every object must be checked for authority.
The BLP Model Access Modes are:
Write, Read, Invoke, and Observe (T/F)
Multilevel Security
When multiple categories or levels of data are defined, the requirement is referred to as
The _____ is a hardware module that is at the heart of a hardware/software approach to trusted computing.
The extent to which someone who relies on a system can have confidence that the system meets its specifications
The Clark-Wilson model aims to address conflict of interest (T/F)