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  1. Prohibition
  2. Legacy/Failings of Progressivism
  3. Initiative
  4. New Nationalism
  5. Income Tax
  1. a let the government take taxes on what your intake is. The more money you earn the more you must give as taxes. They started this because the tarrifs were lowered.
  2. b Roosevelt- Trusts can be helpful but we need to regulate them to not let them do things unfairly. Worked for child labor laws and fixing womens labor.
  3. c citizens can introduce laws itmade th citezens have more power
  4. d Made the country expect the government to regulate the economy and social problems. Failure to adress racial and religious descrimination
  5. e Making, sale, and consumption of alchol

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  1. The people would elect who the senator was not the party boss.
  2. Allows us to make the vote instead of the council
  3. Taft and roosevelt wanted the republican vote. Taft was winning so roosevelt became and individualist. Since the republicans were split up. Wilson won! the democrat.
  4. Wrote the jungle he is a muckraker borought on the meat inspection act.
  5. A business benefits their company but doesn't help others restricted compitition

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  1. Bureau of MinesExpands the forest conserves. Roosevelt.


  2. improving the government...


  3. Gentleman's AgreementInvestigated problems with child labor and made it public


  4. NAACPNational Association of the colored people goal to be able to vote not have what the constitution said they would have.


  5. Mother Jonesinfluential progressives their idea was if people knew about things some companies did people would do something.
    Russel- went into meat plants and wroter about what he saw bad meat being grinded up and put into sausages.