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  1. Keating Owen Child Labor Act
  2. William Howard Taft
  3. Jacob Riis
  4. NAACP
  5. Underwood tariff
  1. a Was president after roosevelt beleived that we had to break up the trusts completely. Hand picked by Roosevelt. Unpopular did not dothings fairly. Childrens Bureau.
  2. b reduced the average tariff to thirty percent of the value of the product
  3. c He took pictures and wrote about how the other half lives which is about the poverty
  4. d National Association of the colored people goal to be able to vote not have what the constitution said they would have.
  5. e Against child labor ruled unconstitutional because child labor is deceided by state

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  1. Wrote the jungle he is a muckraker borought on the meat inspection act.
  2. From Wisconsin beleived in the direct primary let the people vote
  3. Started by lawyer helped protect against discrimination espesially for jews
  4. He found NAACP he beleived that African American People need full rights NOW. If you don't have the rights you are a slave
  5. Talked about the faked medicine

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  1. SuffrageLettign women vote


  2. Bureau of MinesHe took pictures and wrote about how the other half lives which is about the poverty


  3. TariffsTaxes on goods coming into the country


  4. Income Taxlet the government take taxes on what your intake is. The more money you earn the more you must give as taxes. They started this because the tarrifs were lowered.


  5. Woodrow WilsonWas president after Taft. He did not like monopolies, He bleived in cutting the tariffs. If tariffs were lowered americans would have to improve theirs


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