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  1. Suffrage
  2. 16th Ammendment
  3. Underwood tariff
  4. New Nationalism
  5. Tariffs
  1. a Lettign women vote
  2. b Income tax 1913 specifically gave Congress the authority to levy an income tax.
  3. c Taxes on goods coming into the country
  4. d reduced the average tariff to thirty percent of the value of the product
  5. e Roosevelt- Trusts can be helpful but we need to regulate them to not let them do things unfairly. Worked for child labor laws and fixing womens labor.

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  1. Making, sale, and consumption of alchol
  2. gave power to government to regulate the cleanliness of the meat factories.
  3. people didn't have coal Roosevelt blamed this on people using theirown needs at the countries expense.
  4. People had another vote to kick someone out
  5. disobediance to authority

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  1. RegulatePeople had another vote to kick someone out


  2. William Howard Taftlet the government take taxes on what your intake is. The more money you earn the more you must give as taxes. They started this because the tarrifs were lowered.


  3. Mother Jonescampaingned agianst child labor. People putting their hands into machines


  4. Robert M. LafolletteFrom Wisconsin beleived in the direct primary let the people vote


  5. New Freedom• Wilson- didn't like monopolies. Government regulation isn't a good thing. It gives the government to much power.