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  1. Trust Busting
  2. Prohibition
  3. W. E. B DuBois
  4. Federal Trade Commision
  5. Suffrage
  1. a Monitors business to make sure you are not a monopoly or using unfair trade practices. They can fine you make you change they can make you stop.
  2. b Lettign women vote
  3. c He found NAACP he beleived that African American People need full rights NOW. If you don't have the rights you are a slave
  4. d Roosevelt Regulated them
    Taft broke them up and sewed them
  5. e Making, sale, and consumption of alchol

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  1. Wrote the jungle he is a muckraker borought on the meat inspection act.
  2. The people would elect who the senator was not the party boss.
  3. ...
  4. Allows us to make the vote instead of the council
  5. campaingned agianst child labor. People putting their hands into machines

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  1. AdamsTalked about the faked medicine


  2. Robert M. LafolletteRoosevelt uses regulation of big business instead of breaking them apart.


  3. Gentleman's AgreementInvestigated problems with child labor and made it public


  4. insubordinationMaking, sale, and consumption of alchol


  5. RecallPeople had another vote to kick someone out