Sec 1 Geography (Express) - Water Resource


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Hydrological Cycle
A renewable resource

Able to be replenished naturally
Process of the Water Cycle
5.Surface Runoff
Uses of Water
Domestic : Household Use
Economic : Industrial and Agricultural Use
Uses irrigation to grow crops.

The increase in Global Population leads to an increase in food demand which results in an increase in the water used in agriculture.
Large Amounts are used in manufacture, cooling and maintenance.
Water Footprint 👣
The total volume of water used to produce goods and services for a person in a year.
Water Shortage💧
When the level of water usage exceeds the water supply available.
❓Why does water shortage occur ❓
1. An increase in demand for water

2. A decrease in water supply
Increase in Demand for Water
1. Population Growth
2. Affluence
Population Growth 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
The increase in global population leads to an increase in the demand for food causing more water to be used to grow crops to feed the increasing population.
Affluence 💰
Having the income to live more comfortably

1.People start to consume goods that are produced using more water.

2. People start to use more water in their lifestyles.
Decrease in Water Supply
1. Seasonal Rainfall
2. Water Pollution
Seasonal Rainfall ☔️
Irregular Distribution of rainfall due to climate change which affects the supply of fresh water available.
Water Pollution 💩
Introduction of harmful and damaging substances to the environment which causes the water quality to drop making it unusable for human consumption
Impacts of Water Shortage
Domestic Impacts
1. Not all countries have access to safe drinking water.

2. Water Rationing.
Not all countries have access to safe drinking water
1. Droughts
2. Increase in the demand of water for irrigation
3. Water Consumption
Economic Impacts
1. Decrease in agricultural yield.

2. Increase in the cost of industrial production.
Political Impacts
1. Conflicts over water supply.
Economic Impacts
1. Decrease in Agricultural Yield.

2. Increase in cost of industrial production.
Political Impacts
1. The conflict over water supply.