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GLE21 -- Local Government in Louisiana

21. Describe the various forms of local government in Louisiana (C-1A-M5)
Local government is the level of government closest to the ___.
Local government is responsible for many ___-of-life functions of government, such as garbage removal, police, and fire protection.
Police Jury
Started with the Spanish colonial government; 46 of 64 Louisiana parishes have one; combines the executive and legislative branches into one body.
home rule
Parishes may opt out of the police jury form of local government with a ___ charter.
Some parishes elect a parish ___ and council.
Caddo Parish's home rule charter provides for an elected parish ___ that hires a parish administrator.
___ and East Baton Rouge Parishes combine city and parish governments into one organization.
The Mayor and City Council form of local government in Louisiana was created by the ___ Act in 1898.
Population of 150 to 999
Population of 1,000 to 4,999.
Population of 5,000 and up.
Elected executive branch official, collects taxes; chief law enforcement officer of the parish
Elected executive branch official; determines the value of property for tax purposes
District Attorney
Prosecutes criminal cases for the parish; has discretion in deciding which cases to bring to trial.
Clerk of Court
Keeps court records of legal events such as marriages, divorces, lawsuits, judgments, and mortgages.
School Board
Each parish has one; a few cities have their own; members are elected to four-year terms; independent of parish governments; regulated by the state but the legislature cannot pass special acts or otherwise micro-manage; select superintendents; receive state funds; may raise additional funds through taxes and bonds (borrowing money).
Special Districts
Created by parishes or municipalities for purposes such as fire or flood protection; recreation; ambulance service; water and sewerage.
Votes on local officials or to recall local officials; bonds and taxes; referenda and voter initiatives.