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7 Steps of the Scientific Method

Includes; Steps of SM, Variables, Groups,

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Step one
Make an observation
Step two
Conduct research
Step three
Form hypothesis
Step four
Test hypothesis
Step five
Record data
Step six
Draw conclusion
Step seven
One thing that is designed to change in the set up of the experiment. (The things that I can change)
Independent Variable
Is what is measured. (#)
Dependent Variable
Ex: John wants to see if temperature really affects how many times a cricket chirps per minute.
(IV) temperature
(DV) and # of chirps per minute
The test group
Experimental Group
Group that does not receive the expire mental treatment
Control Group
Ex: The control group is given the ____________ pill.
Placebo (fake)
Ex: The experimental group is given the __________ pill.
The diet drug (real pill)