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In what way was the Massachusetts Bay colony different from the Rhode Island?

The difference between the two colonies was the Massachusetts Bay colony only allowed Puritans who shared their beliefs to worship, while the Rhode Island colony had religious freedom

What was some responsibilities of Puritan boys and girls?

Puritan boys and girls had many responsibilities. Girls prepared food. They also made clothing, soap, candles, and brushes. Boys worked in the fields, hunted, made tools, and raised animals. Also children had to go to school and learn to read the bible.

What did John Winthrop mean when he said "city upon a hill"?

John Winthrop meant he wanted to be an example of Christian living.

What is a free-market economics systems?

People in New England colonies had free-market economy system. They were free to choose the goods they bought, made, and the services they offered. They were free to compete in businesses and to set whatever prices they choose for their goods and services.

How did the slave trade effect both Africans and colonists?

Africans were kidnapped and were forced to be slaves in the New England colonies. Many suffered terribly and died. Overtime some colonists formed groups to end slaver.

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