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Attribute or Property
- additional information placed within the angle brackets ex: bgcolor = "yellow" <p align= "center" > </p>
CSS (cascading style sheets)
collection of formatting definitions that effect the appearance of web page elements
Document Content
text and images
Domain name
IP address (Internet Protocol address) a number the uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet. A domain name is the text version of the IP address.
5. Home/Index page
first page visitors see when enter a site. Provides info about the sites purpose and content.
6. Tags -
control the appearance of the document content, gives commands to the browser which tells how to display information
Hyper text Markup Language - is a more sophisticated version of a text editor
protocol that enables the transfer of data from the host computer to the client-Hypertext Transfer Protocol
9. Internet-
sometimes called the net is a global network connecting millions of computers.
internet service provider, a business that has permanent connection to the internet and provides temporary connections to individuals, companies, or other organizations. (AOL, Comcast, SBC)
11. Name the 3 most popular web browsers-
MS Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape Navigator.
12. Navigation
pathway through website.
13. text editor
-allows a user to view, edit, or other elements asa would appear in site
14. Publishing
making it available to your visitors, simple act of copying your root folder to the host server.
Three types of structures most frequently used on the Web
Linear, Hierarchical, Grid Structure
Types of Web Sites
a. portal
b. news
c. informational
d. business
e. educational
f. entertainment
g. advocacy
h. blog
i. personal
the appearance and arrangement of the characters that make up your text (Sans Serif vs Serif) Sans - French (without curly cues : Tahoma)
18. URL
(Uniform Resource locator) also called the Web address tells the browser on which server to locate the web page. Consists of HTTP, the domain name, and sometimes the path to a specific Web page. (www.prestonwoodchristian.org)
19. Web browser
software program that requests a Web page, interprets the codes contained within the page and then displays the contents. Contents are displayed by your individual machine, not the server.
20. World Wide Web-
also called the Net-most popular internet service - a system the of global network servers that provides a means for sharing resources with many people at the same time.
absolute link
provides the complete URL of the document
assets panel
helps you manage and organize your website assets
more common type of image file, maps out/plots an image on a pixel-by-pixel basis
bit resolution
described by the number of bits used to represent each pixel
relative link
if links are in the same folder, local links
external link
same as absolute
files panel
provides a view of the devices and folders on your computer and shows how these devices and folders are organized
hotspot tools
label and create an image map
image resampling
add/subtract pixels from a resized JPEG/GIF to match the appearance of the original image
default home page and automatically display this page without requiring that the user type the full URL
internal link
same as relative
invisible element marker
shows the location of the inserted image within the HTML code displayed as a small yellow icon
joint photographic experts group - best format for photographic images
graphic interchange format; best for displaying images like logos, icons, buttons, and other images
Low Src
used to specify the image that should load before the main image
named anchor
lets the user link to a specific location within a document
picture element; smallest point in a graphical image
portable network graphics; GIF competitor normally used for images
add/subtract pixels from a resized JPEG/GIF to match the appearance of the original image
used to specify the source file for the image
specify the frame or window in which the linked page should load
Alternative text
the text displayed in place of a link; displayed if image does not load in browser