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  1. The player on the right always serves first. The ball must contact the paddle below the waist and must land in the diagonally opposite court, past the non-volley line.
  2. The summer of 1965
  3. Seven feet from the net, there is a line marking the non- volley zone. You are not allowed to hit the ball without letting it bounce first if your foot is between this line and the net.
  4. The receiving team must let the ball bounce before returning the serve. Also, the serving team MUST let the returned ball bounce once more before hitting it back. This means that there will be two bounces in the first two hits of the rally.

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  1. Where was it createdThe summer of 1965


  2. The Court20 feet wide, 22 feet long


  3. Singles playThe server serves from the right side of the court when his or her score is even and the left side when odd.