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Family of lipids found exclusively in the noncytosolic leaflet of a bilayer


Describes a hydrocarbon lipid tail lacking double bonds


The most abundant membrane lipid


Not found in bacterial membranes

Beta sheet

One of the protein folds found in multipass transmembrane proteins (2 Words)


Another word for 'the monolayer' of a lipid bilayer

Hydropathy plots

Used to predict stretches of hydrophobic amino acids that cross a lipid bilayer as an alpha helix (2 Words)

Tight Junctions

Maintains the asymmetric distribution of membrane proteins to apical/basal lateral subdomains in epithelial cells (2 Words)

Lipid Droplet

Surrounded by a single phospholipid monolayer; contains lipid molecules composed of only hydrophobic molecules (2 Words)

Transmembrane domain

Found in proteins that cross a lipid bilayer; formed by a stretch of hydrophobic amino acids (2 Words)

Lipid Rafts

Specialized lipid membrane subdomains found in animal cells (2 Words)

Lipid Anchor

Used to link soluble proteins to a membrane; often a reversible modification (2 Words)

Peripheral Membrane Proteins

Proteins that indirectly associate with a lipid bilayer through their association with a membrane protein (3 Words)

FRAP (Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching)

Method used to measure the lateral movement of membrane proteins within a membrane


Property that describes lipid molecules; containing both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions


Underlies the plasma membrane; formed by cytoskeletal filaments; functions to restrict plasma membrane protein movement


Describes a hydrocarbon lipid tail containing double bonds


Eukaryotes have a cell coat made of these

Alpha Helix

A second protein fold found in multipass transmembrane proteins (2 Words)


Moves to the extracellular monolayer leaflet signaling cell death


Movement of phopholipids between monolayers (2 Words)


Influenced by hydrocarbon chain length, number of unsaturated bonds, and temperature

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