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When un-specialized cells become specialized. An example is when a fertilized egg undergoes huge amounts of differentiation as it develops into a person.


The body's ability to detect and respond to changes in its environment (internal or external) Example: Cells detect different sorts of changes and respond according to their function. Nerve cells detect stimuli and send nerve impulses to the brain, which sends a nerve impulse to the muscle which allows the body to move.


Increase in body size due to an increase in: The size of cells, The number of cells, The amount of material surrounding the cell.


Refers to two things: The formation of new cells, or The production of a new individual.


Sum of all chemical processes that occur in the body. An example could be the breaking down of large molecules into smaller ones, and building up of large molecules from small ones. (Proteins in food break down to amino acids, which are then used to make new, essential proteins in the body.)


Motion of whole body, down to chemical level. An example could be the coordination of bones and muscles allows your body to get from one place to another.

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