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What happens during Active Transport?

• Cell used ATP to carry things across membrane
• Requires carrier proteins

What are four types of Active Transport?

• Symport system
• Anitport System
• Primary active transport
• Secondary active transport

What are two examples of primary active transport?

• calcium hydrogen pump
• sodium potassium pump

What happens in the Symport system?

• two substances are moved across a membrane in the same direction

What happens in the Antiport system?

• two substances are moved across a membrane in opposite directions

What happens in the Primary active transport?

• Energy comes from hydrolysis of ATP

What happens during Secondary active transport?

• transport driven indirectly by energy stored in ionic gradients created by the operation of primary active transports

Types of Secondary Active Transport

What are the eight types of Vesicular Transport?

• Exocytosis
• Endocytosis
• Transcytosis
• Vesicular trafficking
• Phagocytosis
• Fluid-phase endocytosis
• Receptor - mediated endocytosis
• Non-clathrin-coated vesicles

Describe Exocytosis.

• moves things out of cell


Describe Endocytosis.

• moves things into cell

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