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  1. Which Hellenistic philosophy had an impact on Roman intellectuals and early Christian thinkers?
  2. For what purpose was a vote taken annually in the Athenian assembly that could result in the exile of a citizen for ten years?
  3. What consequences resulted from Egyptian rulers seeking financial aid from provincial nobles during the First Intermediate Period?
  4. With what is the development of civilization associated?
  5. What methods were used by Philip of Macedon to extend his power during his 33 year reign?
  1. a It was a means to protect the true nature and definition of a democracy and it worked to avoid the danger of one man dominating the government through skill in rhetoric and debate
  2. b Stoicism
  3. c Diplomacy, conquest, and marriage
  4. d The rise of cities
  5. e Nobles received large plots of land, the power of nobles increased in local districts, the power of the Egyptian kings declined, and no strong central government

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  1. All free citizens had a right to the law's protection
  2. The use of fire
  3. After the Persian Wars
  4. The Egyptians learned to hate and how to fight
  5. Strive for excellence, meet fate with dignity, and love nature

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  1. What provided the basis for behavior in early societies?The development of agriculture


  2. For what reason was the Hittite war chariot such a formidable weapon?They believed trade was an indecent occupation


  3. What factors contributed to the decline of the small farmer in Roman society following the Punic Wars?After he died, revolts broke out and two kingdoms broke out


  4. What groups were upset in Egypt during the Amarna period by the pharaoh's imposition of monotheism on Egyptian religion?20 billion years; 4.5 billion years


  5. For what reason has the Yellow River been nicknamed "China's Sorrow"?The devastating floods that occur on the river periodically