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  1. What is the estimated age of the universe? The earth?
  2. For what purpose was a vote taken annually in the Athenian assembly that could result in the exile of a citizen for ten years?
  3. At what point in Greek history did the term "barbaros" develop a negative connotation?
  4. What factors contributed to the breakup of the Kingdom of Israel following the death of Solomon?
  5. What evidence exists to suggest that among the Cro-Magnons there were people who served as rulers?
  1. a It was a means to protect the true nature and definition of a democracy and it worked to avoid the danger of one man dominating the government through skill in rhetoric and debate
  2. b Some Cro-Magnons were buried with ivory daggers and amber beads
  3. c 20 billion years; 4.5 billion years
  4. d After he died, revolts broke out and two kingdoms broke out
  5. e After the Persian Wars

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  1. The improvement of their cave dwellings
  2. The state must enforce the law
  3. They courted the goodwill of the conquered people and they spared the lives of conquered people and left conquered cities intact
  4. Some houses had brick-floored bathing rooms, dirty water drained through clay pipes into gutters, and brick sewer systems ran beneath the streets
  5. The devastating floods that occur on the river periodically

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  1. For what reasons was Socrates brought to trial in ancient Athens?They believed trade was an indecent occupation


  2. In Sumerian Law, what was the most frequent form of punishment for an offense?The rise of cities


  3. For what reasons did the Persians not participate in trade?He was accused of impiety and corrupting the youth of Athens


  4. In what ways did humans respond to climatic changes that occurred during the Ice Age?They developed techniques to keep warm (fire and clothing), migrated to warmer climates, and died if they were unable to adapt


  5. After 1200 B.C., merchants in the Near East no longer required the services of specially trained scribes because...The Phoenician alphabet was in use and did not take years of study to master