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  1. What 'social practice' was instituted in Athens during Solon's tenure?
  2. For what reason was the Hittite war chariot such a formidable weapon?
  3. What was man's "first epic victory over nature"?
  4. In spite of fair treatment by their Persian overlords, the Ionian Greeks regularly rose up in rebellion against the Persians because...
  5. What is the estimated age of the universe? The earth?
  1. a The seclusion of women in an attempt to improve Athenian morality
  2. b It allowed the Hittites to field twice as many troops as their foes
  3. c 20 billion years; 4.5 billion years
  4. d The Greeks wanted independence and freedom from Persian hegemony
  5. e The use of fire

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  1. Custom
  2. The Egyptians learned to hate and how to fight
  3. There was no large-scale fishing industry, trade between the Romans and other people beyond the peninsula would be limited in the early days of Rome's development, and there were few good harbors
  4. They believed trade was an indecent occupation
  5. Volcanic eruption or tidal wave

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  1. What were the goals of the legal code that was devised by Draco in the 7th century B.C.?To end blood feuds and private vengeance


  2. What impact did the mountainous terrain have on the development of Greek civilization?They courted the goodwill of the conquered people and they spared the lives of conquered people and left conquered cities intact


  3. Which Hellenistic philosophy had an impact on Roman intellectuals and early Christian thinkers?The improvement of their cave dwellings


  4. For what reason was the "veto" power of the tribunes in Roman government 'negative' in nature?New laws could not be passed or invoked after its use and this power could only be used to prevent the enactment of laws


  5. What factors contributed to the decline of the small farmer in Roman society following the Punic Wars?Small farmers could not compete against grain imported to Rome from conquered lands and they were unable to pay their taxes, which forced them to sell their land


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