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  1. What is the estimated age of the universe? The earth?
  2. What benefit did the early Egyptians derive from the protection against invasion that was afforded by them by the geography of the region?
  3. For what reason has the Yellow River been nicknamed "China's Sorrow"?
  4. What "lasting impressions" were made upon the Egyptians by the "Highland Rulers" and other foreign invaders?
  5. At what point in Greek history did the term "barbaros" develop a negative connotation?
  1. a The Egyptians learned to hate and how to fight
  2. b After the Persian Wars
  3. c Egyptian energy and resources were not heavily directed at war
  4. d The devastating floods that occur on the river periodically
  5. e 20 billion years; 4.5 billion years

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  1. Plato - the state is more important than the individual; Aristotle - the viability of a government is determined by circumstance
  2. Fines
  3. Economic rivalry
  4. Deliberate exclusion of individuality and mastery of the technical problems of clothing and human anatomy
  5. Nobles received large plots of land, the power of nobles increased in local districts, the power of the Egyptian kings declined, and no strong central government

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  1. In spite of fair treatment by their Persian overlords, the Ionian Greeks regularly rose up in rebellion against the Persians because...They believed trade was an indecent occupation


  2. What methods were used by Philip of Macedon to extend his power during his 33 year reign?Diplomacy, conquest, and marriage


  3. What were the functions/responsibilities of the vizier during the Old Kingdom?The actors were always men, there were elaborate costumes for actors, and the theaters were open air and often built on the side of a hill


  4. For what reason was the Hittite war chariot such a formidable weapon?They believed trade was an indecent occupation


  5. What was man's "first epic victory over nature"?The use of fire