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  1. What factors contributed to the decline of the small farmer in Roman society following the Punic Wars?
  2. In their efforts to locate food, why was the movement of women restricted?
  3. For what purpose was a vote taken annually in the Athenian assembly that could result in the exile of a citizen for ten years?
  4. Which phase of the Punic Wars was unjustified on the part of the Romans? Why was this war fought?
  5. For what reasons would the thirty year slave rebellion in Sparta be viewed as a turning point in Spartan history?
  1. a The 3rd to satisfy the greed of the wealthy Roman landowners
  2. b Small farmers could not compete against grain imported to Rome from conquered lands and they were unable to pay their taxes, which forced them to sell their land
  3. c The requirements of childcare restricted them
  4. d It was a means to protect the true nature and definition of a democracy and it worked to avoid the danger of one man dominating the government through skill in rhetoric and debate
  5. e The Spartans then decided that the only way to maintain power was to establish a military society

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  1. Egyptian energy and resources were not heavily directed at war
  2. Stoicism
  3. There was no large-scale fishing industry, trade between the Romans and other people beyond the peninsula would be limited in the early days of Rome's development, and there were few good harbors
  4. They burned the cities they conquered, deported entire populations from their homelands, and tortured and killed thousands of captives
  5. Some houses had brick-floored bathing rooms, dirty water drained through clay pipes into gutters, and brick sewer systems ran beneath the streets

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  1. What consequences resulted from Egyptian rulers seeking financial aid from provincial nobles during the First Intermediate Period?The actors were always men, there were elaborate costumes for actors, and the theaters were open air and often built on the side of a hill


  2. What are the characteristics of Greek sculpture after 450 B.C.?Deliberate exclusion of individuality and mastery of the technical problems of clothing and human anatomy


  3. What methods were used by Philip of Macedon to extend his power during his 33 year reign?Diplomacy, conquest, and marriage


  4. What types of natural phenomena serve as possible explanations for the sudden disappearance of Minoan Civilization?Volcanic eruption or tidal wave


  5. How did ruling classes justify their position and power in early societies?By means of religion


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