55 terms

Unit 1 exam

What does TODALS stand for?
title, orientation, author, date, legend, scale
Lines of latitude run.....
East to west / horazontally
Lines of longitude run.....
North to south / Vertically
The mercator projection shows......
a flat view of the world - causes the area and size relations to be distorted
The robinson projection shows...
A rounded view of the world - Causes the poles to appear flatter than they are
What are the 6 types of maps?
Physical maps, political maps, climate maps, economic activities and resources maps, vegetation zones and eco-systems maps, and population density maps.
What are the five themes of geography?
location, place, human/environment interaction, movement, region
What are the different layers of the Earth?
inner core, outer core, mesosphere, asthenosphere, lithosphere.
Is the inner core of the Earth solid or liquid?
Solid - forced together by the pressure pushing on it from the other layers
Is the outer core of the Earth solid or liquid
molten (solid/liquid)
Is the mesosphere of the Earth solid or liquid?
Is the asthenosphere of the Earth solid or liquid?
partly molten
Is the lithosphere of the Earth solid or liquid?
How do divergent boundaries move?
the plates move apart
How do convergent boundaries move?
the plates are pushed together
What are the effects of moving tectonic plates?
Mountains and volcanoes form as well as mid-ocean ridges caused by rising magma
What is the "Ring of Fire"?
the area around the pacific ocean that contains 500 of 800 volcanoes on Earth
What causes volcanoes to form in the "Ring of Fire"
Subducting plates
How does a location's latitude affect the climate in that area?
farther from equator = colder climate because doesn't receive direct sunlight very often (if ever)
What is the water cycle? (three major aspects)
Evaporation, condensation, precipitation
What is rotation?
The Earth's complete (24 hours) on it's axis
What is revolution?
The Earth's complete (365 days) journey around the sun
What is a solstice?
When the Earth's poles point at their greatest angle towards or away from the sun, creating the longest and shortest days of the year
What is an equinox?
When the Earth's poles are pointed at a 90 degree angle (not towards or away from the sun), creating equal hours of light and dark
When is the summer solstice?
June 21st
When is the winter solstice?
December 21st
When is the spring equinox?
march 21st.
When is the fall equinox?
September 23rd
What does the A stand for in the ABC's of culture?
appearance - how someone looks
What does the B stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Beliefs - a religious practice or faith
What does the C stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Communication - exchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or sings
What does the D stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Dates - specific month and day with importance
What does the E stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Economy - the success or earnings of a place
What does the F stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Food - any nourishing substance
What does the G stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Government - the form or system of rule by which a state or community is run
What does the H stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Habitat - a place in which a person lives
What does the I stand for in the ABC's of culture?
Information - anything else not covered in A-H
Culture includes?
Language, religion, and communication
What is population density?
The average number of people in a square mile or square kilometer
What area of a country will have the highest population density?
An urban community
What is cultural convergence?
When one culture comes in contact with another culture
What is cultural divergence?
The restriction of a culture from outside cultural influences
Who holds power in an authoritarian government?
The leader or leaders
Who has the most power in a unitary system of government?
The central government
A country that allows the people to choose their leaders and have the power to set government policy is....
a democracy
A market economy, or free enterprise system is used in the world today as.....
What is a renewable resource?
A resource that the environment will replace
Why do people worry about nonrenewable energy resources?
once they are used, they cannot be replaced
What is a fossil fuel?
a nonrenewable mineral formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals and used for fuel
What do you call energy that comes from the heat inside the Earth?
geothermal energy
What kind of energy is readily available almost everywhere?
Solar energy
What is the name for activities like fishing and mining?
Primary economic activities
A service industry is considered a .....
Tertiarty economic activty
The goods that are sent out of a country are called .....
The goods that are brought into a country are called .....