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Alma Mater
latin for nurturing mother. the school you graduate from - the official school song
a command or expression of a wish, espeically by a group of voters. Politions elected in a landslide often claim to have this
E pluribus unum
a motto of the US. Latin means out of many one. It refers to the Union formed by the seperate states.
Caveat Emptor
Latin means let the buyer beware, means that a customer should alert to the possibility of being cheated
a nickname to young women in the 1920's who defied convention by their dress and behavior such as drinking or smoking in public
Double Indemnity
refers to a feature of life insurance policy that says that the insurer will pay twice the value of the policy if the person dies accidently
an ancient greek mathimation and inventor. He discovered that the volume of an object could be measured by the amount of water it displaced. He yelled Eureaka means I found it
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. A federal agency that insures deposits in savings accounts in qualifying banks
Bear Market
the stock market having falling prices
Bull Market
the stock market having rising prices
Market economy
also free market or free enterprise It is an economy where the greater part of production, distribution, and exchange is controlled by private corporations rather than the government.
a word formed by combining the beginning letters of a name or a phrase or by combining the intial(first) letters of the words
Habeaus Corpus
latin for "you shall have the body" It is a legal term meaning that an accused person must be presented physically before a court with a statement demonstrating sufficient cause for arrest )no person can be imprisoned indefinately without being brought in to the court room to hear the causes.
double jeopardy
is trying a person twice in the same jurisdiction for the same crime. This is prohibited by the 5th amendment - due process clause.
refers to the two times each year when the Sun seems to not change direction at a given time. In the northern hemisphere the summer solstice is June 21.
Winter is Dec 21
Federal Reserve
the national system for regulating banks in the US. It is a board appointed by the President. It establishes banking policys. It establishes interest rates. It sets the available credit. It is a private company.
Blue Laws
refers to laws that prohibit certain businesses frm corporation on Sunday or not sell certain tiems on Sunday
a term that refers to a public official or an administration serving out term in office after being defeated for reelection or not seeking reelection
refers to a medical prediction of the future course of a disease and the chance for recovery, also a general term for predicting the unfolding of events.
"No gains without pains"
you have to earn it to be great
"Drink does not drown cares, but waters it and makes it grow faster"
...Benjamin Franklin from Poor Richard's almanac - drinking doesn't solve the problem or help you to forget - makes it worse
"Half the truth is often a great lie."
...Benjamin Franklin - if you don't tell the whole truth it is like telling a lie
"one today is worth two tomorrows"
procrastination doesn't get the job done.
"God helps them that helps themselves"
God will not do everything for you. You have to work too.
Cobalt 60
a radio active isotope produced when neutrons bombard atoms to the element cobalt. Used in radiation therapy for cancer.
Cash on Delivery
Carte Blanche
french for blank card. also means to receive the power to do as one wishes
the most serious accident that can occur at a nuclear reactor. Radioactive material becomes very hot and melts some of the fuel. It may or may not release radioactive material in the environment
an equation by Albert Einstein. Energy equals( M )units of mass times the speed of light squared( C2)
a device that produces a very narrow highly concentrated beam of light used in and in sugary, welding, sound and video recording. An acronim for" high amplification by stimulated emission of radiation"
a battle in Belgium in 1815 in which the British defeated the French lead by Napoleon Bonaparte. Arthur Wellsley, later to be named the Duke of Wellington, was the British leader. Today it has become a term to describe a decisive and final defeat
in latin id est which means "that is" It is used in place of in other words. an ex 40 hours worked week and 8 hour day
means "for example" and comes from the Latin expression exempli gratia, "for the sake of an example"
Big Dipper
a constellation in the Northern sky. The 2 stars on the far end points to the North Star. Part of the constellation called Ursa Major
Eminent domain
the right of a government to take private property for public purpose. Usually with just compensation to the owner.
the taking over of private property by the government but often without fair compensation. Usually with a legal assertion that the government has the right to do so.
a french scientist in the 18th century. He discovered oxygen. Known as one of the fathers of modern chemistry. Went to the guilliotine during the Reign of Terror in France in 1793-94
Stabat mater dolorosa
Latin for the standing sorrowful mother . one of the seven greatest latin hymns writen in 13th century based on the prophecy of Simeon
John Paul II
elected pope in 1978 first Polish pope and non Italian in Centuries
Federal insurance contributions act. these taxes are deducted from most people's pay to support social security and medicare