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37. Explain the role of nation-states in various alliances and international organizations (e.g., NATO, the United Nations, OPEC) and identify effects of their decisions upon Louisiana (C-1C-M1)


Who said "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world"


Definition: A government over a people with a shared cultural identity and usually the same language


International organizations have at least ___ member states and are bound by a formal agreement.


Louisiana is part of the ___ economy.


The ___ of New Orleans and Baton Rouge are important to America's international trade on the Mississippi River.


Louisiana ___ may be affected by trade agreements.


Louisiana's citizens may be called to ___ duty as a part of one of our alliances.


Military alliance of democracies, originally against the Communist threat of the Soviet Union and its satellites in Eastern Europe. Now includes some former Warsaw Pact nations.


Mission is to promote peace and economic development.


A cartel of oil-producing nations. Coordinates oil production to increase profits. Placed an oil embargo on the United States in 1973 because member nations disagreed with the U.S. support of Israel when Israel was attacked by its Arab neighbors (Israel won).


Not associated with the World Bank, but compliments its mission. Monitors and stabilizes the world currency markets.


Eliminates most tariffs on trade between the US, Canada, and Mexico.


"aims to reduce poverty in middle-income and creditworthy poorer countries by promoting sustainable development through loans, guarantees, risk management products, and analytical and advisory services."


Provides interest-free loans and grants to the poorest nations.


Makes loans to encourage businesses in developing countries.


Encourages investment in developing countries by guarantees against non-commercial losses to investors.


Tries to settle disputes between foreign investors and host countries.


Fosters economic, military, and cultural cooperation in the Western Hemisphere.


Eliminates or reduces most remaining tariffs among the member states in Central America and one Caribbean nation.


Functions as a limited federal government for issues of security, economics, and social policy in Europe.


National ___ diminishes as the influence of international organizations grows.

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