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  1. manner of articulation (def)
  2. phonology
  3. place of articulation (def)
  4. vocal effects
  5. elision
  1. a describes
    how the tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech
    organs are involved in making a sound.
  2. b examples: cough, laughter, breath
  3. c the omission of a sound in speech
  4. d the study of the sound systems of a language
  5. e the physical location where the airflow is obstructed as a consonant is produced ie, dental, labial, alveolar, nasal)

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  1. A term which refers to the way that speech sounds are produced as part of a continuous sequence, rather than in isolation.
  2. 2 vowel sounds merge into one (like /ai/ in buy)
  3. The repetition of similar consonant sounds in a group of words
  4. The loudness or softness of sounds
  5. rate of speed

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  1. consonanta sound produced by partial or total obstruction of airflow


  2. articulationthe physical production of particular speech sounds


  3. IPA (stands for)International Phonetic Alphabet


  4. rhythma regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables


  5. insertionpatterns of pitch that contribute to the meanings of words, phrases and sentences