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Semester 2 voc. 4

Ponderous (adj.)

heavy, massive, unwieldy, awkward.

Adversary (n.)

an enemy, opponent

Disdain (v.)

to regard with scorn or contempt

Formindable (adj.)

dreadful; fearful; extremely serious

Guile (n.)

skillful slyness, craftiness

Entreat (v.)

to ask earnestly; beg

Whim (n.)

sudden impulse or notion; fancy

Appalled (adj.)

filled with dismay; horrified

Beguiling (adj.)

charming; pleasing

Stealth (n.)

quiet, secret, or sneaky behavior

Succumb (v.)

to be overpowered; surrender

Disconsolate (adj.)

extremely sad

Regaled (adj.)

entertained or amused

Restitution (n.)

restoration to the rightful owner

Ambrosia (n.)

nectar of the gods

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