15 terms

Wathen Voc. 4

Semester 2 voc. 4
Ponderous (adj.)
heavy, massive, unwieldy, awkward.
Adversary (n.)
an enemy, opponent
Disdain (v.)
to regard with scorn or contempt
Formindable (adj.)
dreadful; fearful; extremely serious
Guile (n.)
skillful slyness, craftiness
Entreat (v.)
to ask earnestly; beg
Whim (n.)
sudden impulse or notion; fancy
Appalled (adj.)
filled with dismay; horrified
Beguiling (adj.)
charming; pleasing
Stealth (n.)
quiet, secret, or sneaky behavior
Succumb (v.)
to be overpowered; surrender
Disconsolate (adj.)
extremely sad
Regaled (adj.)
entertained or amused
Restitution (n.)
restoration to the rightful owner
Ambrosia (n.)
nectar of the gods