15 terms

Lesson 3 Book 7

What is curtail
To cut short or reduce.
What is discriminate
To make or recognize clear distinctions. To treat in a less or more favorable way.
What is espionage
The act of spying, especially a government spy obtaining secrets of another government.
What is inalienable
Not able to be taken or given away.
What is incarcerate
To confineor to put in prison.
What is indignity
An insult to one's pride; offensive or humiliating treatment.
What is indiscriminate
Not marked by careful distinctions; haphazard.
What is infamous
Having a very bad reputation; notorious. Disgraceful; vicious.
What is intercede
To act or plead on another's behalf; to try to smooth the differences between two parties.
What is malign
To say negative and unfair things about; slander.
What is perpetrate
To commit, as a crime or other antisocial act.
What is rampant
Threateningly wild, withou restraint or control; widespread.
What is rancor
A deep, long-held feeling of hatred or bitterness.
What is reparation
A mending or repair. A making up or payment for a wrong or damage done.
What is smattering
Superficial, scattered knowledge. A small amount.