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pouch of skin that protects testes and sperm keeps body a 37 degrees C


where sperm is produced

Vas Deferens

Tube where sperm is stored for 2-3 months, moves sperm to glands

Seminal Vesicle Glands

a pair of glands loaced at the base of the bladder; sercetes mucus like fluid, rich in surgar: which gives sperm energy

Prostate Gland

located at base of bladder sercetes a thin fluid that helps sperm move


is the tube that transports sperm out of the body


the passway to outside world, allow transmission of sperm

Purpose of the Male Reproductive System

to make sperm and to release sperm


produced by the testes, these combinded with a egg produce a Zygote

Male Sperm

Sperm that have 150 genes, get in more eggs, but more die in birth, become boys

Female Sperm

Sperm that have 1200 genes, get in less eggs, more succesful in pregnacy, become girls

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