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MT-100 - AP1 - CH 7 Review: Muscular System

Basic terminology of the muscular system
The point of contact between the nerve and the muscle fibers it stimulates is called a:
Neuromuscular junction
A single motor neuron with all the muscle cells it innervates is called a:
Motor unit
What is a single nerve fiber that carries an impulse (action potential) to muscle fibers called?
Motor neuron
What is a chemical messenger that jumps the synaptic cleft called?
The minimal level of stimulation required to cause a muscle fiber to contract is called:
a threshold stimulus.
When a muscle fiber is stimulated it will contract to its fullest ability. This is called:
the all-or-none law.
Which are the three types of muscle fibers?
Skeletal, cardiac, and smooth
Name three overall effects of tonic contracture.
Counteract the pull of gravity
Provides stability
Maintains posture and upright position
During tonic contracture, the muscle is said to undo go what type of contraction?
Partial contraction
What is fatigue defined as in muscle physiology?
Oxygen debt
What else do we call skeletal muscle?
Striated and voluntary
What else do we call smooth muscle?
Visceral and involuntary
What else do we call cardiac muscle?
Striated and involuntary
What special feature does cardiac muscle fiber have?
Intercalated discs
Tendons attach muscle to:
Ligaments attach bone to:
What is the name of the fascia that surrounds a functional muscle group?
Deep fascia
What fascia surrounds a whole muscle?
What fascia surrounds a muscle fiber fascicle?
If the prime mover flexes a joint, then the antagonist:
will relax. And also partially help control the movement.
The muscle attachment to the more stationary bone is called the:
What are the fluid-filled sacs that act as lubricating structures for reducing friction during muscle movement called?
Actin and myosin are proteins that form chains called:
The thin myofilaments inside the sarcomeres of skeletal muscle cells are called:
The thick myofilaments inside the sarcomeres of skeletal muscle cells are called:
What is the basic contractile unit of skeletal muscles called?
Generally speaking, what happens to the Z-lines when muscle contraction occurs?
They are pulled closer together.
According to the sliding filament model, in order for a sarcomere to contract, what three things need to happen?
Calcium must be released from the endoplasmic reticulum
ATP must be broken down to release energy
Bridges must form between the actin and myosin myofilaments
What related muscles have to all undergo some type of contraction in order to produce smooth movement?
Prime mover, synergist, stabilizers (fixators), and antagonists