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Biology Notes Nov 5


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Protein transfer from rER to Golgi.
proteins move from rEr to sER and then leave to CIS FACE in vesicles. in Golgi body chemically modified and packaged until it reaches Trans Face. Leaves golgi to complete specific tasks.
protein signal
ribosomes bond to mRNA and begin to mae protein. Protein bonds to ER and creates rER.
takes dead small parts and turns into endosome
eats large particles, creates phagosome
autophagosome created after very large particles
signal transduction
involves 3 receptors: Membrane receptor proteins with enzymatic activity, G protein receptors, Receptors that bind ligands and migrate to the nucleus
first messenger
cyclic AMP "cAMP"
secondary messenger used by hormone because horemone can't enter cell
regulate blood sugar: message carried is suck up glucose, store as glucogen, inactivates G protien, cAMP levels drop. Protein kinace stops. phosphorolation of glycogen cynthase becomes active, glycogen phosphorolace deactivates
break glycogen down into glucose and send it into blood, activates G protien, increases cAMP, then activates protein kinace which phosphorolates protiens, which breaks down glycogen.