Soci 301 Chap3

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levels of measurement- nominal - ordinal variable - interval measure - ration measureNominal- no mathematical interpretation - corresponding number doesn't have any significance - vary in quality, not amount - mutually exclusive and exhaustive - not more or less, just different categoriesordinal variable- know the order of categories, but not how much larger/smaller one category is from another - (ex: 1=less than $5000 2=$5001=$6000)interval measure- real numbers - no absolute zero, no zero starting point - (ex: SAT scores, IQ)ratio measure- real numbers with an absolute zero point - (ex: how many times have you been arrested)test retest reliabilitymeasure obtains same/similar result at two different times (ex: taking the kids temp multiple times but get different resultsinteritem reliabilityuse multiple items to measure single conceptsinterobserver reliabilitymore than one person observering the same thing to make sure they all get the same thing/agreement across people measuring the same thing