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  1. beneficium, -ī (n.)
  2. cōgitātiō, cōgitātiōnis (f.)
  3. postrēmō
  4. adloquium, -ī (n.)
  5. novitās, novitātis
  1. a at the last, last of all
  2. b kindness, good deed
  3. c thought, plan, meditation
  4. d exhortation, encouragement, way of speaking
  5. e novelty, newness

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  1. to buy
  2. to be between; to be different; to be involved in
  3. palace
  4. to enter, to walk in
  5. to win over

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  1. rēs prīvātaprivate property


  2. adiuvō, -āre, adiūvī, adiūtumto help, to assisst


  3. īnstituō, -ere, īnstituī, īnstitūtumto give out, to publish


  4. iūs, iūris (n.)right, law


  5. rēx, rēgis (m.)right, law