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  1. perferō, perferre, pertulī, perlātum
  2. adloquium, -ī (n.)
  3. testāmentum, -ī (n.)
  4. novitās, novitātis
  5. cōnspicuus, -a, -um
  1. a exhortation, encouragement, way of speaking
  2. b to carry through; to report; to endure
  3. c novelty, newness
  4. d visible, remarkable, conspicuous
  5. e will, testament

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  1. (adv.) finally, at last, in short
  2. rumor, report; reputation
  3. kindness, good deed
  4. wealth, riches
  5. palace

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  1. prīvātus, -a, -umkind, kindly


  2. tūtor, tūtōris (m.)right, law


  3. iūs, iūris (n.)[legal] guardian


  4. publicus, -a, -umprivate


  5. ēdō, -ere, ēdidī, ēditumto buy