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1516 WH Unit 3 Absolutism and East Asia


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What term means "the right to rule given by God?
Divine Right
Which two religious groups did most of the fighting in the 1500s?
Catholics and Protestants
What did the Peace of Westphalia allow individual states to do?
Choose their own religion
Why did the Peace of Westphalia end the Holy Roman Empire?
Church didn't control the area anymore
The land that is now Germany was first part of the Holy Roman Empire, after the HRE fell, most of the area was known as ______________.
How do monarchs get their power?
What does "absolute" mean in the term absolute monarch?
Controls everything
What was Louis XIV's nickname?
Sun King
Where did Louis XIV build his palace?
Versailles (10 miles from Paris)
Describe Louis XIV's palace.
Super expensive. Lots of gold. Opulent.
Why did Louis XIV build his new palace outside of Paris in Versailles?
Didn't want poor to see it. Didn't want them to be around.
Before the Glorious Revolution, absolute monarchs said that they received their power from ________ therefore, the people shouldn't complain about how they ruled.
Which English war was fought between the king's cavaliers and Cromwell's roundheads?
ENG Civil War
Who were the roundheads in the English Civil War?
They supported the Parliament and didn't like the king.
Who were the cavaliers in the English Civil War?
They supported the king.
Who won the English Civil War?
Roundheads (led by Cromwell)
What did Cromwell end up doing after overthrowing the king?
Took over the Parliament and became a dictator (Lord Protector)
Which leader first tried to Westernize Russia and brought about what some call Russia's Renaissance?
Peter the Great
Why would someone call Peter the Great "Peter the Poseur"?
Because he's not cool with being a Russian. He wants to be someone else (French or English).
Where did Peter the Great move the capital of Russia?
From Moscow to St. Petersburg
Why did Peter the great move the capital of Russia?
Because he wanted to be closer to western Europe. St. Petersburg was a port city and he could leave by boat any time he wanted.
Name three ways that Peter the Great tried to make Russia more like France and England.
Beards, Ballet, Moved the capital to St. Petersburg
Who fought in the Thirty Years' War? Who won?
Protestants v. Catholics. Protestants won.
Which event led to the end of Divine Right in England when Parliament chose the monarchs instead of God?
Glorious Revolution
Why is it called the Glorious Revolution?
It was glorious because there was no bloodshed. It was a peaceful revolution.
4. Phillip II the king of_________ went to war with _________ from England. Spain lost because most of their ships ____________.
Spain, Elizabeth I, wrecked . This is when ENG becomes the most powerful
Why is it such a big deal that England defeated the Spanish Armada?
The Spanish Armada was the biggest, most powerful navy in the world.
5. Elizabeth I was what religion? How was she related to Bloody Mary?
Protestant, Half-Sister, Henry VIII is dad
1. Name three characteristics of women who were accused of witchcraft.
Old, poor, no husbands
5. Who was the first Czar of Russia?
Ivan IV
6. How long did the Romanov Dynasty last in Russia?
300 years (1600s to 1900s)
7. How did Peter the Great make Russia more powerful?
Made it like western Europe (France and England)
Which dynasty overthrew the Mongols in China?
Ming: the most organized and strongest dynasty ever in CHN
Name one way that the Ming Dynasty helped China. There are three.
Made Great Wall, Took back Vietnam, made peace w/ nomads
What was the name of the new capital of the Ming?
Beijing (north capital)
Who was the famous explorer for China? He is known as the Chinese Columbus.
Zheng He (JUNG HUH). Traveled as far as AFR by ship.
Compare Zheng He and Columbus.
Zheng He traveled further, had bigger ships, traveled 100 years before Columbus AND KNEW WHERE HE WAS GOING!
Which European country came and offended the Chinese?
Portuguese. They told CHN to burn Buddhist shrines for Jesus.
What is one reason the Ming Dynasty fell? There are three.
High taxes on ppl/weak leaders/droughts and floods kill crops
How did the last Ming emperor die?
Hanged self in the palace garden.
Which dynasty took over after the Ming? What were their people called?
Qing (CHING). Manchu ppl from around Korea. Outsiders w/ shaved heads and ponytails.
Where is Manchuria located in China?
In the northeast, like Maine in America.
What was the name of the rebellion that weakened the Qing?
White Lotus Rebellion
Why did the people rebel in the White Lotus Rebellion?
China wouldn't modernize and the government was corrupt.
How would you describe China's interaction with other countries through trade?
Thought their stuff was better. Trading was a favor they did for others. Stingy, isolated, snobby.
What does "Middle Kingdom" mean?
That China thought it was the literal center of the universe. They are way better than anyone else in the world.
Name two reasons China didn't become an industrial country like those in Europe. (There are three)
Trade was control of gov. Industrialism was not Chinese. Looked down on merchants.
Chinese society is organized around the _____________.
Family. Its more important the individual.
What term means "family is holy". It is used to describe society in China.
Filial piety
Name some ways that women were treated poorly in China.
Kept in house/no edu/no posessions/no divorce/footbinding
What word describes a society where the men are in control?
What was the name of the Chinese city within a city where only nobles could go?
Forbidden City in Beijing.
How was Japan set up before they united?
A bunch of independent states. Like dippin' dots.
Which man united Japan?
What was Tokyo known as before it was Tokyo?
What is a common religion in Japan?
Shinto. They worship the spirits of their dead ancestors.
Why did the peasants revolt in Japan?
Higher taxes, worse working conditions
Who is the most famous Haiku writer?
What is a haiku?
Japanese poem. 5/7/5 syllables on each line
Describe Noh theater
Slow movements, masks
Describe Kabuki theater
Fast movements, wild, faceprint
Which country in Asia was called "The Hermit Kingdom"?
Why was Korea called "The Hermit Kingdom"?
Kept themselves isolated from other countries.
What is the Roman numeral for 2?
What is the Roman numeral for 4?
What is the Roman numeral for 8?
What is the Roman numeral for 10?
What is the Roman numeral for 27?
What is the Roman numeral for 49?
What is the Roman numeral for 100?
What is the Roman numeral for 50?
What is the Roman numeral for 500?
What is the Roman numeral for 1000?
What is the Roman numeral for 723?
What is the best way to remember the Roman numerals in order?
IVXLCDM (say them quickly)
What is the first Chinese dynasty?
What is the second Chinese dynasty?
Zhou (pronounced Joe)
What is the third Chinese dynasty?
Qin (pronounced Chin)
What is the fourth Chinese dynasty?
What is the fifth Chinese dynasty?
Sui (pronounced Sway)
What is the sixth Chinese dynasty?
What is the seventh Chinese dynasty?
What is the eighth Chinese dynasty?
What is the ninth Chinese dynasty?
What is the last Chinese dynasty?
What comes after the last Chinese dynasty?
Republic, Mao Zedong and De