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G. W.'s Presidency Torello 2018

*Washington's Farewell Address-5 Warnings/Suggestions*
1. stay out of debt
2. stay neutral
3. stay out of/avoid political parties
4. people should be educated
5.Be united
War between France and British-what did Washington do?
decision to stay neutral
Who was Washington's V.P.?
John Adams
National Bank-who was for it and who was against it?
Hamilton was for the national bank
Jefferson was against the national bank
Alexander Hamilton's Job in the Cabinet?
Secretary of the Treasury
First capital of U.S.?
Second temporary capital of U.S.?
Permanent capital of U.S.?
1st New York City
2nd Philadelphia
Permanent-Washington D.C.
What is the capital of the United States?
Washington D.C.
What was the Treaty of Greenville?
U.S. and Native Americans agreed to U.S. getting most of NW territory in exchange for very little money
Why was the capital moved to Washington D.C.?
South wanted the capital closer to the South, a compromise gave Hamilton Southern support for his debt plan
What was the Judiciary Act of 1789?
created the federal courts-Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, District Courts
Why did GW become president?
voted in unanimously, good leader, honest
What was the Whiskey Rebellion?
rebellion by farmers against taxes
GW led troops (white stallion) to enforce laws of federal gov.
Governmental Power-who favored more power for federal gov.? Who favored more power for the states?
Hamilton-wanted strong fed. gov.
Jefferson-wanted more power to states
Settling the debt-Hamilton's plan:
1. exchange/sell new bonds
2. pay state debts
both were supposed to stabilize the economy
Who was the 2nd President?
John Adams
How many terms did GW serve?
served two four-year terms
national debt-definition
$ owed by a country
piece of paper worth $, bought and then exchanged later for $ + interest
What was Jay's Treaty?
purpose was to avoid war with Britain, get it to stop taking U.S. ships, and stop arming the Native Americans
What was Pinckney's Treaty?
U.S. and Spain agreed on border at FL, and Spain opened up port of New Orleans to U.S. trade and travel up and down the Mississippi
American's Expectations of Government?
improve trade, protect them, stabilize economy
What was the Neutrality Proclamation?
Washington decides to stay neutral/ out of European conflicts
Who was the first president of the U.S.?
George Washington
Which country gave the Native Americans weapons to fight the U.S.?
the British supplied the Native Americans with weapons
What members of Washington's cabinet disagreed?
Jefferson and Hamilton had very different views of government. Hamilton wanted larger federal government. Jefferson wanted smaller federal government and more power for the states.
Who was the first Secretary of State?
Thomas Jefferson
Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
John Jay
Who established/created the executive branch?
George Washington created the executive branch when he appointed his cabinet
Why did Jefferson resign?
Jefferson believed Hamilton had too much power/influence with George Washington
taxes on imported goods to encourage buying American products, Hamilton was for them
Qualities of GW that made him a good pres.?