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Removing the puck from the scoring area


A series of short strokes used to move and maintain constant control of the puck


Strong, hear stroke with a slight back swing used fore passing and shooting

Face Off

A play used to start and restart the game after a goal is scored

Fielding the Puck

Controlling and apporaching the puck when it comes to a player before it is passed and played

Goal Box

A designated area out 5 feet from the from the front of the goal, where the goalie can pick up the puck with the hands or use of the feet


Raising the stick above the waist at either the beginning or end of the stroke (it is a foul and can result in a penalty)


A quick wrist stroke having no back swing used for short, accurate passing or shooting when there is no time or necessity for a drive


Consists of 6 plyers


Only player who can use her hands or feet, snd stick to stop shorts, permitte to go outside the goal box to hit the puck with her stick, but she cannot use her hands or feet outside the goal box


Defender who helps protect the goal and cannot cross over the center line


2 offensive and defensive players who can move from the front of the offensive goal nox to the front of the defensive goal box


2 offensive players who must stay on the offensive half of the floor after the face-off occurs, they cannot go into the defensive half of the court during play

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