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Magna Carta, depopulation and Bubonic Plague, habeas corpus

Magna Carta

made nobles more powerful than the king; guaranteed trial by jury

Habeas Corpus

the idea that an accused person has a right to see a judge

How did the plague effect the economy of the feudal system?

there was a labor shortage so people moved to new kingdoms looking for higher wages

Why was Bubonic Plague called "Black Death"?

victims of the diesase often had dark spots on their skin


were unfairly blamed for causing the plague to spread throughout Europe

Common Laws

were laws based on custom and tradition, and could be different in different regions of England

How did depopulation affect the serfs?

lords needed their labor so badly that they began paying them wages to encourage their services

Ideals of the Magna Carta

guaranteed protection of the law and trial by jury

Medieval Europe Parliament

included the following groups: nobility, high ranking clergy, representatives from towns and cities

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