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World Geography Russia & the Republics

World Geography Russia & the Republics
distance, elevation
Siberia has many natural resources which have not been utilized because of climate,______and terrain but_______was NOT a factor.
region, resources
The economic impact of the trans-siberian railroad on Siberia was large because it allowed people to reach the remote______ and exploit the natural__________.
cold, Tran-Siberian Railroad
Siberian climate is________. Siberia has gained population and become more economically developed because of the___________________which has allowed people anbd goods to travel more iasily to the region.
siberia has become an increasingly more valuable area to Russia and the Republics because expanding ________and trade has led to greater exploitation of the natural resources.
flat, Arctic, winds
Geography and location of Siberia contribute to the climate because of its vast, _______region partly with the ________Circle with few geographic barriers to the freezing_____to the North.
In Russia the past and present political structures have affected the present political change which some say is_________.
Vikings, Mongols, the monarchy
The Western part of the country was originally settled by__________.The region was then conquered by the_________Empire. After the Mongols, leaders from Moscow formed_________________and expanded control throughout Asia.
World War I, more government control
Communist leaders gained control after______________. But communism has collapsed and today Russia's government is a democracy that shows sign of moving toward_______________________.
government, free-market
The Russian economy is moving toward a___________economy because the government has allowed more choice by the consumers.
winds, colder (cooler)
The Ural Mountains affect the distribution of climate regions in Russia because the western side of the mountain range receives warm continental________which the eastern side is much ____________and drier.
In Russia the most densely___________parts are in the West and Southwestern regions.
higher, arable
Certain geographic factors influence the distribution of the population including western areas with a_________population density due to the warmer climate and more_______land than eastern areas.
subsistence farm
A breakdown in agricultural production began in Russia after 1990 and the majority of agriculture in Russia is now produced by family operating small _____________________.
global, exploitation
In the Arctic Circle some people believe that ________warming will create an ice-free Arctic Ocean allowing access for the first time to deep-sea ____________.
online, history, treaties, geographic
Consumers in Russioa are benefitting from the internet by shopping and comparing prices_________before making purchases in stores. In Russia, when creating borders these factors have had influence including ethnic divisions,_______ of the region and border_______among the nations but not ________________features of the land.
The city in Russia where a nuclear energy accident occurred is ______________.
jobs, environments, energy, conflict
The development of future oil reserves by Russia in the Arctic Ocean could have these possible consequences; increase in__________in the oil industry, danger of negative________impact, increased self-sufficiency of _______and increased possibility of_________between Russia and other nations that border the Arctic Sea.
traditional, terrorism
In Kyrgystan the people still use a yurt as housing in Central Asia which reflects culture that is maintaining ___________customs. Chechen (muslims) separatists have been blamed for a series of civilian attacks in Moscow including bombing of an apartment building and shopping center which is consider____________because attacks were directed against civilians.
natural, transport
The building of oil pipelines has allowed for the movement of___________resources of oil and gas to essential water ports for___________.
life expectancy, infant mortality, rate
When compared to the growth of populations for the world. Russia and the Ukraine have a high standard of living because their rates are high in ______________ and low in _____________________, and high literacy _________.
The cultures of the republics of Transcaucasia differ from cultuires in Russia because the region is bordered to the north by the ___________Mountains and is at a geographic crossroads with many languages and cultures.