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World History Final Exam Review spring '09 (LAST YEARS REVIEW)

Ladies and gentlemen please bow down to the greatness that is Mrs. Kellogg's complete (well minus the 43 pictures) FINAL EXAM REVIEW. I hope you do well. Use this wisely. :) good luck!
Communist party in Russia
Ho Chi Minh
Leader of North Vietnam
French Indochina
Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Triple Entente
England, France, and Russia
The working class according to Marx
Karl Marx
Wrote "The Communist Manifesto"
Leader of the Bolsheviks
Mercantilism, nationalism, secret alliances, arms race
the four causes of WWI (The Great War)
Marx's four principles of communism
Theory of history, labor theory of value, nature of the states, Dictatorship of the proletariat
Wilson's Fourteen Point Speech
universal disarm, no more secret alliances, no reparations, maintain territorial integrity, self determination, league of nations
June 28, 1914 to November 11,1918
The offical dates for WWI
lighting war
De Gaulle
Leader of the free french
Operation Overlord
known as D-day
Iwo Jima
Island known for its black sand
Operation Torch
The invasion of North Africa
Commander of the axis forces in North Africa
A policy toward Hitler adopted by the leauge of nations to avoid another war
The first Japanese city to experience an atomic device
Postdam Conference
This is when truman recived word that the US had successfully test-detonated an atomic device
Operation Husky
One of the names for the invasions of Italy
The Commander of the Allied forces in North Africa
the type of landings used in the Pacific and D-day
Iron curtain
It became a symbol of the cold war
One of the major battles in the ussr that saw the German advance stopped
Totalitarian dictators
Mussolini in Italy, Stalin in USSR, Hirohito in Japna, Hitler in Germany, Franco in spain, FDR in US
September 1,1939 to May 7, 1945
The dates for the war in Europe
December 7, 1941 to August 11, 1945
The dates for the war in the Pacific
Iwo Jima and Okinawa
Two islands that were important to the allied powers
Allied commanders in the Pacific
Admiral Nitmitz and General MacArthur
Allied commander in Europe
He was the first to present the heliocentric theory.
Eleanor of Aquitaine
She followed he husband on crusade.
Louis XIV
He built the palace of Versailles.
single vanishing point
A technique in art to help create perspective.
Martin Luther
He is considered the catalyst that began the protestant reformation.
A type of paint used before oil paint was developed.
"The prince"
A how to book written by Machiavelli.
The father of humanism.
A non-beliver.
geocentric theory
The earth is the center of the universe.
To show the glory of france & keep an eye on nobility.
Why was the palace of Versailles buit?
Pope Urban II
Who was the pope when the first crusade began?
The end justifies the means.
What was Machiavelli's Philosophy?
The printing press
How did the ideas of Renaissance writers spread?
results of the crusades
trade & spread of ideas, rise of industry, rise of banking, emancipation of bourgeoisie, advancement of knoledge, rise of strong national governments
Heliocentric theory
The sun is the center of the universe and the planets orbit around it.
A boisterous nomadic group of warriors who lived in villages in present day India.
A settled, well-organized people who built cities in India.
A name of God in Hinduism.
The form of Indian writing.
Gupta Empire
It flourished because of trade and manifacturing in India.
mandate of heaven
In china, a theory that officials of a government are selceted by their ability and must rule fairly.
Zhou dynasty
A time in china famous for its bronze ceremonial vases and carved jade work.
He taught that people are basically good, should be tolerant of others and respect the elderly.
He taught that people should be kind, humble, thrifty and the less you are governed the better.
Shi Huang di
The first emperor of a united China.
Han dynasty
During this time the yoke, paper and a dictionary were invented.
Silk road
A trade route between china and Rome.
The largest desert in the world.
Great rift Valley
An area in Africa where early Africans settled because of fertile soil, water and a good climate.
professional record keepers, historians and political advisors in Africa.
The most important crop to Native Americans.
A fine pottery style developed in China.
Marco Polo
he introduced Chinese culture to medieval Europe and vice versa.
Kublai Khan
he helped unite China by storing grain, giving state aid to the needy, built roads, and encouraged trade.
A japanese poem consisting of three lines and sveenteen syllables.
Warriors in Japan.
A famous type of poem in korea
The aryans
Who created the caste system?
Who's first millitary campaign was also his last?
art, religion, mythology, and language
In what ways has Indian Culture influenced other cultures?
mandate of heaven
What is the most significant political achievement of the Zhou dynasty?
what tool did African farmers use to deter erosion?
trade and religion
What were the two major functions of Maya cities?
What culture invented the abacus, the compass and gunpowder?
curved jewel, iron sword, bronze mirror
What symbols of power are still symbols of power for the Japanese imperial family today?
flower arrangement, landscape gardening, tea ceremonies
What were three important japanese arts developed during the Ashikaga Shogunate?
Divine wind
What does Kamikaze mean?
When someone rules a country completely.
The liberal members of the Legislative Assembly.
substantive due process
This means that the laws being enforced must be fair,
Tennis court Oath
When the members of the Third Estate took an oath not to leave until Louis XVI agreed to their petition.
The french word for middle class (spelling!)
July 14, 1789
The date of the french independence day
July 4, 1776
The day of the American indepence day
freedom of speech
voltaire's philosophies
One man one vote, all three houses meet together
What the Jacobin wanted when they petitioned Louis XVI
the liberal group that sat on the Left hand side
sat on the right hand side of the Legislative Assembly
The year Napoleon came into power
The year Napoleon was defeated at waterloo
pride in your country
Napoleonic codes
individual legality and equality, government- more authority of people, no classes, peasants- subjects of state, religious toleration, everyone has the right to work, courts are separate from those in power.
Premier of the soviet union during the early years of the Cold War
Ngo Dien Nhiem
Autocratic, non-communist president of south vietnam.
A period when you talk problems out between countries.
Commander of US forces in South Vietnam.
Leader of Un forces in Korea.
38th parallel
Official dividing line between North and South Korea.
Communist leader of Cuba.
The people of South Vietnam that supported the communists.
Ho Chi Minh
Leader of North Vietnam and father of that country.
A program by LBJ to help people in need in the US
The six Cold War Conflicts
Berlin Airlift, Korean Conflict, U-2 inciden, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam
Truman Doctrine
A containment policy to stop the spread of communism.
Mao Tse tung
"zedong's" name spelled
domino theory(all countries in that area would fall to communism.)
The reason they felt they had to take a stand in Vietnam
Laos and cambodia
the two neutral countries Ho Chi Minh trailed through to get supplies from the NV to the VC
the crucible of the Renassance of Italy
Renaissance people and 20th century people may share a belief that places themslves in a favorable light in comparison with those who preceded them.
The roots of the renaissance humanism can be traced to the writting of this man.
Capitalism depends primarily on the creation of this.
The major powers amoung Italian city-states in the 15th century were Venice, Milan, Florence, and Naples.
In representing the human figure, Renasissance sculptors imitated the greeks by creating forms that were types rather than individuals.
The sculptural master of the 15th century.
David by Donatello
The first appearance of the nude since ancient times, an uncompromising view of humanity, and the contrapposto stance.
mechanical prespective
A major breaktrough in Renaissance painting
The ranaissance artist who led the way in establishing a new style of employing deep space, modeling , and anatomical correctness.
Single vanishing points
Masaccio and other painters controlled linear perspective through the use of this.
Father of humanism.
The economic theory that pursues wealth and power.
the 16th century Indian style that combined persian and Indian images.
Suleiman I
The leader of the Ottoman Turk Empire during the high Renaissance.
the basic composition of Leonard da vinci's Virgin and child with st. anne is in this form.
Characteristics of high renaissance art
Stability without immobility, Variety without confusion, and definition without dullness.
High Renaissance art was this.
The artist who created the dliverance of St Peter.