Douet mythology characters

-lover of thisbe
- can only speak to her through a wall, so they run off to meet secretly
- kills himself when he thinks thisbe is dead
lover of pyramus
-is about to meet pyramus when a lion chases her and eats her cloak, making it look like she died
- kills herself when she finds out pyramus killed himself
-god of love
-is sent by hera to make phyche fall in love with someone ugly
-ends up falling in love with her himself
most beautiful maiden in the land
-falls in love in cupid, but she doesn't know it's him
-is forced to do impossible tasks by hera, which she completes
- Goddess of marriage
-wife of Zeus
-trait: jealousy
-lover of alcyone
- goes on a long journey
- dies, but is with alcyone as a bird
lover of ceyx
-wants to journey with him so he wont die alone
-gets to be with him in the afterlife as a bird
great musician
-Lover of Eurydice
-turned around before he returned from the underworld with Eurydice and lost her forever
- Lover of Orpheus
-she dies and orpheus is very sad
-lost forever because Orpheus failed to truest that she was behind him, and was in the underworld forever
-god of the underworld
-captured Persephone and forced her to stay with him
-god of jewels
wife of philemon
-very poor
-shares her food with poor beggars
husband of baucis
-very poor
-shares his food with poor beggars
- king of the gods
-child of Cronus
-youngest of the 6 original Olympians
messenger god
-god of liars thieves and merchants
-wears winged sandals
-young maiden, daughter of a river god
- does not like men and wants to be free
- Apollo falls in love with her and she is turned into a laurel tree
- falls in love with Daphne
-god of music and plays the lyre
-drives the sun chariot, his twin Artimis drives the moon chariot
-young maiden, who does not wish to be married
- is bathing in a river one day when the god of the river falls in love with her
-is changed in to a current and flees him
-falls in love with aethusa as she is bathing in his river
-minor river god
-chases Authusa's current and mixes with her spring water so they will always be together
-amazing artist
-does not like women or want to get married
-falls in love with his statues galatea
-is a statue made by pygmalion
-is so lifelike that Pygmalion falls in love with her
-aphrodite makes her real as a present to pygmalion
-beautiful young shepherd
-moon goddess selene falls in love with him
-makes him fall in to an never ending sleep so she can always watch him
-mood goddess
-falls in love with endymion
- makes him fall in to an never ending sleep so she can always watch him
-god of wine and revelry
-in charge of the maenads
- responsible for the life and death of the grape vines
-goddess of the harvest
-mother of persephone
-does not let anything grow when Persephone is in the underworld
-daughter of demeter
-is captured by hades
-must return to him or 1/3 of the year, everyear
wanted to ride the pegasus
-gets to, and conquers great monsters, so he thinks he is as good as the gods
- tried to ride to Olympus, but is thrown off Pegasus and dies
son of the sun
-sun grants him one wish he asks to drive the sun for one day
-messes up terribly and dies a firey death
-creator of the labyrinth
-father of icarus
-designs wings to get them out of the labyrinth
-son of deadalus
-does not listen to his warning not to fly to close to the sun
-his wings melt off and he falls to earth and dies
¬¬-Very strong
- anger management issues
-conquered many great monsters
-killed medausa
-married Andromeda
-son of Danea
-king of island that perseus grows up on
-tries to marry perseus's mother
-is turned to stone by looking at medeusa's head
-monster: Gorgon
-if you look at her you turn to stone
-great grandmother of Hercules
- married to Perseus
-was going to be fed to the sea serpent to the Ethiopians could stop being eaten
¬- great hero
-married Ariadne, Hippolyta, and Peadra
- killed the minotaur
father of theseus
- sends king minos's son on a dangerous mission to kill a bull, which stats the whole tribute/maze/minotaur thing
- throws himself off cliff when he thinks Theseus dies
the minotaur
- monster that lives in labyrinth
-child of minos's wife and a bull
- eats tributes in maze
- 1st wife of theseus
-is abandonded/falls in love with Dionysus on island
-tells Theseus how to escape the maze and defeat the Minotaur
-member of amazon tribe that challenges Athens
-mother of Hippolytus
-marries theseus
-does not like women- kind of follows artimis
-Pheadra falls in love with him
-is blamed for her death
-Theseus's best friend
-has tragic wedding where centaurs ruin everything and wife dies
-goes to underworld to try to marry Persephone and gets stuck in the chair of forgetfulness
-Thesus's 3rd wife
- kills herself because her stepson Hippolytus does not love her back
- Ariadne's sister
-great hero
-goes on quest to find Golden Fleece
-falls in love with Medea and relies on her magic to help him get though a lot of situations.
-evil king who took Jason's right to the throne
-caused Jason's father to kill himself
-sent Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece
-Jason's wife
-has special magic powers
-helps Jason out of a lot of situations with her powers
king midas
- asked for everything he touches to turn to gold
-sides with pan in a music constest
-apollo gave him donkey ears
king priam
king of troy
has 2 sons, hector and paris
future kign of troy
married to andromache
is killed by achilles
falls in love with menaluas's wife helen
takes her back to troy with him starting the trojan war
kills achilles
goddess of dichord
throws golden apple, causing the judgement of paris
rules of city states
brother of agamemnon
husband of helen
brother of menalus
married to clytemnestra
sacrifies daughter iphegenia
clever greek
fought in tojan war
found achilles and thought of trojan horse idea
greatest greek warrior
killed hector and dragged his body around
dipped in river styx,except for his heel when he was a baby to make his skin invulnerable
girlfriend of achilles
is taken by agamemnon cuz his girlfriend was a priestess of apollo and was told to be given back
causes achilles to sulk in his tent and not fight untill pratoclus dies
sister of hector and paris
gift of prophecy, but cured that no one will ever believe her
sais not to allow the trojan horse in, but no one listens to her
achilles best friend
goes to fight for achilles, wearing his armor
is killed, mistaken for achilles
trojan horse
odysseus's idea to win the trojan war
12 labors of Hercules
Kill the lion of Nemea
Kill the Hydra
Bring back alive a stag with golden horns, sacred to Artemis
Capture a great boar in its lair on Mt. Erymanthus
Clean the Augean stables in one day
Drive away the Stymphalian birds
Go to Crete and get a bull that Poseidon had given to Minos
Get the man-eating mares of King Diomedes of Thrace
Bring back the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons
Bring back the cattle of Geryon
Bring back the Golden Apples of Hesperides
Bring Cerberus back from the underworld