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World History Ch 16-1

World History
Jew, Bethlehem, Nazareth
Jesus was born a ____ in the town of ____. He grew up in ___. There he received a Jewish education.
sacred writings
Christianity started in ___ among the Jews and spread throughout the empire and the world.
400 A.D.
Despite cruel treatment, Christians clung to their faith, and by ____ most Romans had come to accept the religion as their own.
When Jesus was young his job was to be a ____.
When Jesus was ___ years old, he began to travel around Palestine preaching to the people.
God created all people and loves them the way a father loves his children
Jesus taught that ____. Therefore people should behave like God's children and love God and one another.
if they are truly sorry and place their trust in God, they would be forgiven
Jesus told people that ___.
stories that teach you a lesson
better understand the religious principles he was trying to teach.
Jesus used parables to help the people ____
Good Samaritan
Parable Jesus told about a man from Jerusalem who was attacked by robbers. The man was beaten severely and left lying in the road. Two passers-by from Jerusalem saw him but did nothing. Then came a man from Samaria. he stopped, washed the man's wounds, and carried him to a nearby inn. The parable taught that people should not ignore wrong but do something about it. It also taught that people should help everyone, not just those from their own community.
the holiday that marks the exodus of the Jews from Egypt.
someone who would save them
executed on a cross - usually only lower-class criminals were killed this way
rising from the dead
According to Christian tradition, Jesus rose from the dead. He remained on Earth for ___ days before going directly to heaven.
Son of God
Jesus resurrection convinced his disciples that he was the ____.
forgive the sins of all people
They believed that becauses Jesus had sufered death and had risen to life, he could ___.
eternal life after death.
They thought that anyone who believed in Jesus and lived by his teachings would know ____.
Greek word meaning messiah
Most Palestinian Jews wanted a ____ messiah, not a religious one.
a Jew who decided to teach Christianity to the gentiles, as well as the Jews. After his conversion on the road to Damascus, he spent the rest of his life spreading the Christian message throughout the Roman world.
the road Paul was traveling on when he was blinded by a bright light and heard Christ's voice. (He later gained his sights and became a Christian.)
rituals, laws, faith
Paul taught new Christians that they did not have to follow Jewish ___ and ____. All they need was to have ___ in Jesus.
person who spreads religious beliefs to those who do not believe.