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  1. expanding universe theory
  2. apparent magnitude
  3. the order of the waves by wavelength
  4. hertzsprung-russel diagram
  5. types of galaxies
  1. a radio, micro, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays
  2. b the brightness of a star as it appears from Earth
  3. c the theory that the universe will continue to expand
  4. d the actual brightness of stars increases as the surface temperature increases
  5. e 1. spiral
    2. elliptical
    3. irregular

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  1. the color of a star depends on its temperature, the hottest one are blueish white, the coolest stars are reddish orange medium stars are yellow
  2. one star appears dim and then brightens in a regular cycle
  3. all the waves in the universe
  4. a large amount of gas spread out- it is the birthplace of stars. The gas cloud contracts together forming a star
  5. an instrument that splits light into colors

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  1. absolute magnitudethe brightness of a star as it appears from Earth


  2. star classificationyou classify a star on how big ,how hot, and what color it is


  3. reflecting and refracting telescopescollects and focuses visible light


  4. nuclear fusioncauses hydrogen atoms to come together to become helium atoms


  5. spectrumthe rainbow that you see when looking at a spectroscope