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  1. absolute magnitude
  2. supernova
  3. star classification
  4. eclipsing binary star system
  5. light year
  1. a are the explosion of a dying star. Iron begins to absorb energy, soon this energy is released and explodes
  2. b one star appears dim and then brightens in a regular cycle
  3. c the distance light travels in a year
  4. d you classify a star on how big ,how hot, and what color it is
  5. e the amount of light a star actually gives off

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  1. causes hydrogen atoms to come together to become helium atoms
  2. radio, micro, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays
  3. a large amount of gas spread out- it is the birthplace of stars. The gas cloud contracts together forming a star
  4. how much energy it uses
  5. the explosion that started the universe

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  1. hertzsprung-russel diagramthe actual brightness of stars increases as the surface temperature increases


  2. black holescore of a super massive star that remains after a supernova


  3. types of galaxies1. spiral
    2. elliptical
    3. irregular


  4. apparent magnitudethe amount of light a star actually gives off


  5. wavelenghthapparent change in the position of a star in the sky. Not because it has moved but because the Earths change in position as it moves around the sun.