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  1. light year
  2. spectrum
  3. the order of the waves by wavelength
  4. reflecting and refracting telescopes
  5. composition of stars
  1. a found by using a spectroscope
  2. b the rainbow that you see when looking at a spectroscope
  3. c radio, micro, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays
  4. d the distance light travels in a year
  5. e collects and focuses visible light

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  1. apparent change in the position of a star in the sky. Not because it has moved but because the Earths change in position as it moves around the sun.
  2. 1. spiral
    2. elliptical
    3. irregular
  3. the length from crest to crest in a wave
  4. core of a super massive star that remains after a supernova
  5. are the explosion of a dying star. Iron begins to absorb energy, soon this energy is released and explodes

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  1. apparent magnitudethe amount of light a star actually gives off


  2. eclipsing binary star systemfound by using a spectroscope


  3. nuclear fusioncauses hydrogen atoms to come together to become helium atoms


  4. hertzsprung-russel diagramthe actual brightness of stars increases as the surface temperature increases


  5. electromagnetic spectrumthe rainbow that you see when looking at a spectroscope