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  1. light year
  2. big bang theory
  3. spectroscope
  4. spectrum
  5. the order of the waves by wavelength
  1. a radio, micro, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays
  2. b the rainbow that you see when looking at a spectroscope
  3. c the explosion that started the universe
  4. d an instrument that splits light into colors
  5. e the distance light travels in a year

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  1. are the explosion of a dying star. Iron begins to absorb energy, soon this energy is released and explodes
  2. the color of a star depends on its temperature, the hottest one are blueish white, the coolest stars are reddish orange medium stars are yellow
  3. the amount of light a star actually gives off
  4. a large amount of gas spread out- it is the birthplace of stars. The gas cloud contracts together forming a star
  5. causes hydrogen atoms to come together to become helium atoms

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  1. eclipsing binary star systemfound by using a spectroscope


  2. apparent magnitudethe amount of light a star actually gives off


  3. reflecting and refracting telescopesall the waves in the universe


  4. types of galaxies1. spiral
    2. elliptical
    3. irregular


  5. electromagnetic spectrumall the waves in the universe


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