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  1. hertzsprung-russel diagram
  2. reflecting and refracting telescopes
  3. electromagnetic spectrum
  4. spectrum
  5. supernova
  1. a all the waves in the universe
  2. b are the explosion of a dying star. Iron begins to absorb energy, soon this energy is released and explodes
  3. c collects and focuses visible light
  4. d the actual brightness of stars increases as the surface temperature increases
  5. e the rainbow that you see when looking at a spectroscope

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  1. core of a super massive star that remains after a supernova
  2. you classify a star on how big ,how hot, and what color it is
  3. a large amount of gas spread out- it is the birthplace of stars. The gas cloud contracts together forming a star
  4. radio, micro, infrared, visible light, ultra violet, x-rays, gamma rays
  5. found by using a spectroscope

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  1. what determines how long a star will liveone star appears dim and then brightens in a regular cycle


  2. types of galaxies1. spiral
    2. elliptical
    3. irregular


  3. expanding universe theorythe explosion that started the universe


  4. apparent magnitudethe brightness of a star as it appears from Earth


  5. eclipsing binary star systemfound by using a spectroscope