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  1. Articles of Confederation
  2. Ex Post Facto Law
  3. Suffrage
  4. Amendment Process
  5. 1789
  1. a the civil right to vote in a democracy
  2. b 1st Constitution, weaknesses caused a new Constitution to be written
  3. c how the Constitution can be changed
  4. d can't be charged for something that wasn't illegal at the time
  5. e First national elections

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  1. founding father didn't want one person to take power, created 3 branches of gov, each w/ own specific duties (also established checks and balances)
  2. Relationships b/w states-states and states-federal gov
  3. 7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution
  4. limited to minimum voting age to 18
  5. Articles of Confederation thrown out, Constitution is written

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  1. Federal Principlepower of the courts to declare a law unconstitutional


  2. Unwritten Constitutionbasic law that sets forth form of gov and powers


  3. Commander In-Chief7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution


  4. Article 7How the Constitution was to be ratified (9 out of 13 states approval)


  5. Article 1Amendment Process (how Constitution can be changed)