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  1. 14th Amendment
  2. Article 1
  3. Writ of Habeas Corpus
  4. 26th Amendment
  5. Clauses
  1. a limited to minimum voting age to 18
  2. b Due Process Amendment, everyone is guaranteed protection underneath the law
  3. c Created Legislative Branch and declared powers
  4. d right to know why you have been arrested
  5. e 4th part of Constitution

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  1. Articles of Confederation declared the federal gov to have no power over commerce b/w states
  2. how the Constitution can be changed
  3. can't be charged for something that wasn't illegal at the time
  4. founding father didn't want one person to take power, created 3 branches of gov, each w/ own specific duties (also established checks and balances)
  5. the civil right to vote in a democracy

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  1. Article 7Relationships b/w states-states and states-federal gov


  2. 1787First national elections


  3. Implied Powerspowers given to the federal gov that apply to foreign affairs


  4. Commander In-Chief7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution


  5. Necessary of Proper Clausegov has the power to do whatever they want to carry out the powers they were specifically given


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