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  1. Delegated-Expressed-Enumerated Powers
  2. Amendments
  3. 1791
  4. Suffrage
  5. Article 6
  1. a General Provisions (didn't fit in 1-5), Constitution and federal gov and supreme law of the land, all state and federal officers are bound by oath to follow the Constitution
  2. b the civil right to vote in a democracy
  3. c 5th part of Constitution
  4. d powers given specifically to the federal gov
  5. e Bill of Rights added to Constitution

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  1. national and state power are equal, but if conflict arises, federal gov wins
  2. First national elections
  3. all customs or practices that have become a part of our system
  4. One out of many, Latin, motto of the US (united)
  5. founding father didn't want one person to take power, created 3 branches of gov, each w/ own specific duties (also established checks and balances)

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  1. Article 5Amendment Process (how Constitution can be changed)


  2. Articles of ConfederationDelegated-Expressed-Enumerated powers given specifically to the federal gov,
    1. Declare War
    2. Govern Territories
    3. Govern District of Columbia
    4. Punish Piracy
    5. Borrow Money


  3. InterstateArticles of Confederation declared the federal gov to have no power over commerce w/in states


  4. 26th Amendmentlimited to minimum voting age to 18


  5. 1787Constitution is ratified