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  1. E Pluribus Unum
  2. Declaration of Independence
  3. 1791
  4. 1789
  5. Amendments
  1. a First national elections
  2. b Bill of Rights added to Constitution
  3. c break from England, proposed new gov in which all men are created equal, all men have rights and government's are subject to the will of the people
  4. d One out of many, Latin, motto of the US (united)
  5. e 5th part of Constitution

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  1. President, Commander of all Military, declared in Preamble
  2. can't be charged for something that wasn't illegal at the time
  3. national and state power are equal, but if conflict arises, federal gov wins
  4. Created Executive Branch and declared powers
  5. Relationships b/w states-states and states-federal gov

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  1. Implied Powerspowers given to the federal gov that apply to foreign affairs


  2. Clauseslaw passed by a legislative body


  3. Bill of Rightsguaranteed human beings basic, human rights, first 10 Amendments to the Constitution


  4. 1787Articles of Confederation thrown out, Constitution is written


  5. 14th Amendmentlimited to minimum voting age to 18