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  1. Articles
  2. 1788
  3. Implied Powers
  4. Amendments
  5. Article 1
  1. a 7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution
  2. b Constitution is ratified
  3. c 5th part of Constitution
  4. d Created Legislative Branch and declared powers
  5. e gov has the power to do whatever they want to carry out the powers they were specifically given

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  1. Due Process Amendment, everyone is guaranteed protection underneath the law
  2. can't be charged for something that wasn't illegal at the time
  3. First national elections
  4. law passed by a legislative body
  5. all power of the gov comes from the people, distributed through the Constitution

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  1. InterstateArticles of Confederation declared the federal gov to have no power over commerce w/in states


  2. Article 5Relationships b/w states-states and states-federal gov


  3. Federal Principlepower of the courts to declare a law unconstitutional


  4. Bill of Attainderguaranteed human beings basic, human rights, first 10 Amendments to the Constitution


  5. Sections3rd part of Constitution