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  1. Statute
  2. Article 7
  3. Popular Sovereignty
  4. Amendment Process
  5. Judicial Review
  1. a power of the courts to declare a law unconstitutional
  2. b law passed by a legislative body
  3. c all power of the gov comes from the people, distributed through the Constitution
  4. d How the Constitution was to be ratified (9 out of 13 states approval)
  5. e how the Constitution can be changed

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  1. break from England, proposed new gov in which all men are created equal, all men have rights and government's are subject to the will of the people
  2. 4th part of Constitution
  3. guaranteed human beings basic, human rights, first 10 Amendments to the Constitution
  4. founding father didn't want one person to take power, created 3 branches of gov, each w/ own specific duties (also established checks and balances)
  5. Created Legislative Branch and declared powers

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  1. Article 4General Provisions (didn't fit in 1-5), Constitution and federal gov and supreme law of the land, all state and federal officers are bound by oath to follow the Constitution


  2. Preamblelaw passed by a legislative body


  3. Reserved-Retained-Residual Powerspowers given specifically to the federal gov


  4. 14th Amendmentlimited to minimum voting age to 18


  5. Elastic Clause7 Articles in the Constitution, 2nd part of the Constitution


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