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Middle East Environmental Issues


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underground aquifer
layers of underground rock where water runoff from rains and streams is trapped
the process of removing salt and other chemicals from seawater
water pollution
farmers using chemical fertilizers which gets into the water supply causing contamination
water rights
Agreements about how countries can use water in a region
hydroelectric power
electricity produced from the energy of running water
natural gas and oil
two of the most important natural resources found in the Middle East. They bring wealth to the region.
Middle Eastern oil rich countries that have joined together to have more control over the price of oil in the world market. Uses their power to place embargos for political or economic gain
Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait
The Middle Eastern countries with the most oil reserves
Tigris, Euphrates, and Jordan Rivers
main river systems in the middle east shared by many countries
using water from rivers to water crops
fresh water
limited natural resource in SW Asia
Euphrates and Tigris River
Longest and most powerful rivers in the SW Asia
The river that has caused conflicts between Israel and Jordan due to water rights.
fossils waters and underground aquifers
two examples of water irrigation in the Middle East
Basis of most economies in this region

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