Ap environmental science chapters 1 and 2

28 terms by superdeath360

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contributes H+ ions


contributes OH- ions


long chains of nitrogen


compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms

organic compounds

carbon-carbon or carbon-hydrogen bonds

inorganic compounds

no carbon or no carbon-hydrogen bonds

energy efficiency

work done/work introduced

first law thermodynamics

energy is neither created nor destroyed

second law thermodynamics

when energy is transformed, it's ability to do work diminishes (quantity is obviously the same)


anything that occupies space and has mass


amt of matter an object contains


(physics and chemistry) the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of the element

atomic number

number of protons

mass number

number of protons and neutrons


different number of neutrons

radioactive decay

release of material from the nucleus

covalent bonds

sharing electrons

ionic bonds

transferring electrons

hydrogen bonds

hydrogen atoms attracted to other molecules

capillary action

adhesion of water molecules to a surface is stronger than cohesion between the molecules


everything that influences life

environmental science

interactions b/w humans and nature


components exchange energy and materials


biotic and abiotic components


4.184 J


1000 calories


1055 J


3,600,00 J

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