20 terms

Latitude and longitude

0 degrees latitude
0 degrees longitude
Prime meridian
90 degrees north latitude
North pole
90 degrees south latitude
South pole
180 degree meridian
International date line
Degrees in a circle
360 degrees
Degrees of latitude between the equator and south pole
90 degrees
Degrees of longitude between the prime meridian and the international date line east or west
180 degrees
Degrees of latitude between the north pole and the equator
90 degrees
For a more exact location latitude and longitude will also include
Minutes and seconds
Horizontal lines
How latitude lines are measured
North or south of the equator
How longitude lins are measured
East or west of the prime meridian
Line that always comes first
Lines of latitude are also called
Lines of longitude are also called
Number of minutes in one degree
60 minutes
Number of seconds in one minute
60 seconds
Runs through Greenwich, England
Prime meridian
Vertical lines