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Pacific War!

US General Douglas MacArthur
Campaigning in the philippines during war and after US defeatedd japan.
Sergio Osmena
President of philippines during time of war
December 8th, 1941
Japan snaked attack philippines just hours after pearl harbor.
Bataan Peninsula
Final surrender of the United states-philippines forces
Death march
80,000 men captured by japanese were to walk to a prison camp 105 kilometers to the north. 10,000 men were weakened and sick with disease
Allied forces
Landed on the island of Leyte and Mindoro andthe Lingayen Gulf on the west side of Luzon
City in the Philippines that the Japanese had captured and then later philippines and Us troops re-recovered.
Japan's surrender
Estimated 1 million filipinos were killed and manila was extensivly damaged beyond belief.
Tripartite pact
Signed by germany/italy/japan to support if fought by the U.S
Pearl harbor
Japanese attacked the U.S on december 7th, 1941
Iwo Jima
U.S attacked in order to gain control of islands and airways
battle of midway
inflicted heavy damage, 900 men launched in assault
American troops landed japanese had a quick response, America ended up gaining territory. troops built up to 50,000 men 2,000 ended up dead and 4,000 wounded. U.S Victory
Pacific war
fighting for control of pacific to invade opposing homeland, japan, america, italy, the philippines.
atom bombs
1945 U.S dropped 2 atom bombs on japan which inflicted extremely heavy damges and many casualties
china vs. japan
1937 war was cause because of japan invading land of souctheast china to expand empire.
coral sea
controlled by japan then lost to U.S
japan invades britian, dutch, west indies capitulate, tokyo tulagi.
non agression
Japan and USSR sign non aggression pact on april 13th 1941.
Americas progress
Americans open attack on Inner Shuri defenses, shuri town occupied, US flag is raised over Okinawa..