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Chapter 7

state legislature

The legislative branch of state government.


The head of the executive branch of state government.

food processing

The cooking, canning, drying, freezing, and packaging of foods for market.


A soft mixture of ground-up wood chips and chemicals that is used to make paper


Shortened form of the words high technology; having to do with inventing, building, or using computers and other kinds of electronic equipment

Sun Belt

A wide area of the southern part of the United States that has a mild climate all year.


The business of serving visitors


A place where people go to

barrier island

A low, narrow island that is near a coast.


The continent or the part of a continent nearest to an island.

wildlife refuge

An area of land set aside to protect animals and other living things.


A stony material formed in tropical waters by the skeletons of tiny sea animals.


A ridge of rocks, sand, or coral near the surface of the sea.


A custom, a way of life, or an idea that has been handed down from the past.


To return something, such as land, to its natural condition.


A region where a plant or animal naturally grows or lives.


Being threatened with extinction.


No longer in existence, which is what happens to a living thing when all of its kind have died out.

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